Buttons with drop shadow not rendering correctly in Chrome.

Nov 24, 2020


I've come across an issue with drop shadow buttons not rendering correctly.

When published and viewed in Chrome (87.0.4280.66) it looks like this: 

But like this in Storyline:

I think this is a browser issue as looking back at previous courses that were published several months ago, the same issue is occurring in Chrome.

The buttons were rendering correctly at the time of publishing in September.


The same courses when viewed in MS Edge (44.18362.449.0), render correctly.
I first noticed the issue on Friday 19th Nov.

Until today I was using Storyline V3.43.22859, but have since updated to V.3.46.23620.


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Lauren Connelly

Hello Rob!

Thank you for sharing those images! Here's what it looks like on my end using Chrome and Storyline 360 (Build 3.46.23620.0)Link

Which shadow are you using? I've tested this using the Outer style of the Shadow effect.

Lastly, if you'd like me to take a look at the project, please upload it using this link. I'll take a look and reply as soon as possible.

Steven Walsh

I'm having the same issue with all shadows, not just button shadows.  When this is fixed, will I have to republish all courses that now look bad, or are you working with the developers at Google Chrome and hopefully they will update their software.  This is a scary thought that Chrome can change and affect everything we've done.

Will Findlay

I'm guessing this is also related to why the glow effect isn't working in Chrome 87. I tried without success to find if this is a a chromium bug or something removed from Chrome 87. Has anyone else discovered why? It is important to know if this will be resolved in a later version of Chrome, or if it was intentionally removed/deprecated by Chrome developers.