Caliper Measurement of a distance of a QRS wave on an ECG strip.

Feb 09, 2023

I am using Storyline 360.

A coworker wants me to add calipers to measure the distance between two spots of a QRS wave on an ECG Strip. Ideally the user can move the calipers to an area of their choosing on the strip. Then the user can expand or contract the calipers to the area the user wishes to measure. And if that is not enough, I would like to have the distance covered by the calipers expressed in time. Knowing that each small box is 0.4 seconds. I have attached an image showing two different calipers they found online demonstrating what they envision it to resemble. Determining what they want is the easy part. Now I have to create it. I have created other projects using a slider and one thought was to have the slider control the movement of the caliper left or right on the screen. However, that does not allow me to expand or contract the width of the caliper. Also, is there a variable in Storyline 360 that shows the pixel position of an object that can be moved?  Looking for any ideas on how to create this interaction. Thanks.

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Walt Hamilton


I don’t know why not. The design is mine, and you can use it, you just can’t publicly claim the rights to it. The calipers are in the public domain, and the background probably is, but most likely that will change with your context.

The caliper parts are thumb fills on two different sliders. Change them to whatever graphic you need. That means the learner can move them independently, but only in one plane. They can’t be moved up or down.