Can partial credit be assigned to a Drag-and-Drop interaction with Storyline 2 - and have the correct score be passed to the LMS?

Jun 01, 2016

Hi - 

I found past threads on ways to calculate partial credit for Drag-and-Drop interactions, but they were all for Storyline 1.  Also, there was a caveat with each response that although the calculation would work, the partial credit score would not be transferred to the LMS.

Has this improvement been added to Storyline 2?

I am trying to create a quiz for Information Security training that allows the learner to drag situations to a "correct" drop for correct email usage, or "incorrect" drop for incorrect email usage.  Currently, I can only calculate full credit if the user gets all the drags correct, or the entire answer is marked wrong even if only 1 drag is incorrect.  Can someone please assist?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anne,

Partial credit is not a feature in Storyline 2 for any question types, although it's something users have shared their thoughts on in the form of a feature request. 

As for the set up to pass the score to your LMS, I suspect it may be something you'd also be able to accomplish if you were to use Javascript - and that's something I'd have to defer to the community in regards to. 

Lauren Corlett

So this thread is two years old, but for the benefit of anyone still searching for an answer to this question (like myself) I thought I'd share my work-around for this. I've attached a short example of what I describe below.

You can split your drag and drop up into individual questions. So if you have 5 scenarios you want them to sort, you would have 5 identical looking drag and drop slides with one scenario on each slide. This way each scenario is reported to the LMS as a single question.

I also add a trigger that says when the drag object is dropped on a drop target it submits the question and jumps to the next slide. This keeps the course moving and your students/participants engaged. I also recommend adding some sort of progress bar when you format the question this way. If students are able to see where they are relative to the end of the course, they tend to pay more attention. (Check out this page for 30 great progress bars)

The down-side with this solution is that you can't see all of the drops on one screen, but I find this doesn't detract too much from the course. In my experience, students don't change the way they sort object unless they interact in some way or a feedback layer tells them to try again. 

Hope this helps anyone still searching for a solution! Personally, I'm hoping partial credit is added as a feature in Storyline soon!