Can't import PowerPoint slides into Storyline 360.

Mar 28, 2017

I'm suddenly unable to import PowerPoint slides into  Storyline360. I've even tried importing slides I've imported before. Did something change? How can I fix? Thanks, Steve

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Zahra!

Thanks so much for allowing me to test your file. I opened it with Storyline 360 v. 3.17.16168.0, and I was able to preview all 7 slides without an issue.

Here's a screen recording of my testing. 

Are you also using that version of Storyline 360? To check, click the Help tab, then click About Storyline.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Gilbert -- I'm still not seeing the screenshots you attached. Could you click here to open the forum discussion, then attach the screenshots using the Add Attachments button in a new reply?

Hi, Stephanie -- I'm so sorry for all the trouble you're having. I see you're working through this will Wilbert, and you are also getting your computer re-imaged this week. Hopefully that will help! Keep us posted on what happens. 

Elizabeth Seward

When I try to import the PPT file to Storyline 360, I see the content on the select page. However when it imports, the slide content is gone and only the speaker notes are visible. I have tried the methods recommended by staff members in this thread, but to no avail. I am unable to share a file since they are propriety materials. Any help would be most appreciative!


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Elizabeth! Happy to help you get past this roadblock. First, can you help me with a few questions?

  • What version of PowerPoint are you using?
  • Are you on the latest update of Storyline 360? To check, click the Help tab, then click About Storyline. You should see 3.17.16188.0 in the bottom-right corner. 

  • Are both the PowerPoint and the Storyline files saved to your local hard drive? 
Elizabeth Seward

Alyssa, Thank you for responding. I am using the latest version of PPT and Articulate 360. I tried to import PPTs from my hard drive and One Drive. Unfortunately, neither of them would import. The strange thing is that I see the content on the slide when I pick the slides to import - but then wont complete the import. Since we have an central admin for Articulate for our company - would that be a possible issue? Any help would be most helpful not only to me, but my colleagues as well.

liz armstrong

I'm having a similar problem. I have a simple powerpoint illustration which uses combine shapes. I have office 365, articulate 360, latest update. All the best bells and whistles.

When I import this jigsaw image into 360, the circle shapes don't appear, just the squares.

If 360 doesn't like powerpoint, is there another application or file type that it prefers for illustrations? I need to make images somehow and 360 itself isn't intended to be an illustrator


Katie Riggio

Hi there, Liz. Happy to lend a hand!

Ah, I was able to recreate the square shapes after importing your PowerPoint slide into Storyline 360. Importing PowerPoint content into Storyline isn't an exact one-to-one conversion–so as a result, shapes may look a bit different.


Here are our pro-tips for importing PowerPoint and Presenter Content into Storyline 360 and since you're currently working with a jigsaw image, here's a similar discussion you may find handy. Let us know if you need anything else! ☺️

liz armstrong

Hi and thanks so much for your reply. When you say you were able to recreate
the shapes, may I ask what exactly you mean. Did you have to redraw them.
What about the little circles and the combine shapes feature?

Thanks for sending me those links. It appears that there are more things
that don't import from powerpoint than things that do.

Could you perhaps recommend ways to make and import illustrations that 360

Thanks LIZ

Katie Riggio

Yikes apologies for the confusion there, Liz! Here's a redo: when I imported your PowerPoint slide into Storyline 360, only the square shapes came through since the process isn't an exact one-to-one conversion.

Have no fear, though! I've compiled a list of handy resources to help you achieve your goal:

I hope that helps, and there are lots of illustrators here in the community who may chime in to share extra insight. 🌟

Elizabeth Seward

Thank you for your response. I have a ppt that is not propriety that I just presented. When I tried to import it into Storyline, only the speaker notes showed up.
Your help would be most helpful.
Thank you.



Leslie McKerchie

Hello Elizabeth,

Thanks for reaching out, but it looks like you are replying via e-mail which means two things:

  1. Your attachment did not make it through to the forums
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You can remove that if needed by clicking ‘Edit’ beneath your response. Here’s a quick Peek video if you need help.

While you're in the forums, you can add your attachment directly here via the 'Add Attachment' option.

Elizabeth Seward


Thank you for your response. I have a ppt that is not propriety that I just presented. When I tried to import it into Storyline, only the speaker notes showed up.

Your help would be most helpful.

Thank you.

Julian Stubbs


I’ve given up on ever getting the PPT to import. I just get a collleague to do it for me for each new module I work on and although it’s not ideal I’ve spent too much time trying various fixes.

I have  tried to unsubscribed from this discussion but I still keep getting the emails. Can somebody unsubscribe me please? Thanks.

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Erin -- Are you having trouble importing a PowerPoint file into Storyline 360? If so, here are a couple of initial things to check:

Hi Julian -- so sorry this is still plaguing you. I see you were working through this with Wilbert, and he shared a sample PowerPoint file for you to import as a test. I'm curious to find out whether that worked for you!

Sigrid Zwaiger


I see some others also have problems importing PPT-files into Storyline. I've tried it with Storyline 2, 3 and 360...not working.

I've checked the version, repaired Office, saved local, I am an administrator on this machine... :( 

Next problem: I can't share my PPTs because they are confidental.

Has anybody any solution for this problem? *hopefully*


Alyssa Gomez

Happy to help you, Sigrid!

First, what version of Microsoft Office is installed on your computer? Do you know if it is locally installed, or if it is a web app or click-to-run version? 

Storyline 360 is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010-2019 (32-bit or 64-bit) or Microsoft Office 365 (desktop apps only).