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Lauren Connelly

Hi Preetha and Mary!

Here are a few reasons why a powerpoint wouldn't successfully import into Storyline. 

You'll also want to make sure the PowerPoint is located on your local drive. This article refers to Storyline, but still practical information for PowerPoint. 

If you want to include your powerpoint file in this discussion, I'm happy to take a look and test it. You can do so by using the "add attachment" in this discussion. 


Brian Jacobs

Hello all,

I'm having that same issue.  I am running PPT 365 and the file is not importing into Storyline360.

I have attempted all of the troubleshooting items without any luck.  

Any help would be appreciated.  I can not attach the file in this forum due to security reasons but I can send to a staff member individually. 

Thanks for your help.


Misun Sasse

I'm using the trial version of articulate 360 and have faced the same issue. I've read many threads of discussions about this issue here. And I solved it today!

First, the staff wanted to make sure if I had PowerPoint installed in my computer. I've just bought a new laptop with Windows 10 and assumed that I had it. I clicked "Start" and could see all apps including PowerPoint. So I thought I had it and I've tried all of the troubleshooting but didn't work at all.

Next, I found out that I didn't have anything about Microsoft Office in "Programs (<- Control Panel <-Windows System)". 

So, I logged in Microsoft Office 365 and downloaded all Office 365 apps. Tada!! MS Office was installed in "Programs" and successfully imported ppt files to storyline 360!

I don't know the difference between the built-in office apps (maybe it can be click to run?) and the installed apps I downloaded (is it called MSI?). Anyway you must check if you have it in "Programs". 

Hope this posting would help anyone!


Leslie McKerchie

Glad that you were able to figure it out, Misun.

I appreciate you sharing the details of digging into this issue and how you were able to resolve it for yourself. 

This conversation could undoubtedly help someone that searches for a related issue in the future.

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Rusa K


I just installed the free trial of Storyline on to my computer and can't get any PowerPoint files to import.

I followed the link to see the reasons why it might happen and can't figure out what's wrong. Similar to Julian, I have the following:

Password protection - not the case

Unsupported version of ppt - I have PowerPoint 2016, although it says version 2006 (don't know what that means)

Not having latest service pack - updated

Security settings - this is my own PC so I'm an administrator. Are there any particular settings I need to check/uncheck?

Presentation doesn't start with slide 1 - presentation does start with slide 1.

The Microsoft Office that I have is a subscription product from my workplace...could that be the issue?

UPDATE: Thank you Misun!  I had the same problem and now it works!  It wasn't a new laptop but it looks my office subscription was using the web based version...even though it looked exactly like the local one.  Thanks again!