Can users copy text from a screen?


I've explored a few of the posts regarding editable text fields, which I'm able to create. What I'd really like though is for learners to be able to copy text from a field in a course.

Why? Several reasons. One important one is for review / admin purposes. Each screen is given a unique ID number that displays on the a screen, and when reviewers / users find a bug, typo, etc., they would reference that page via this code.

I've accomplished this in other eLearning authoring systems by creating (manually or dynamically) a selectable text field on each screen that the user can copy the ID from. This is preferential to the user manually typing it out as that is time-consuming and copy/pasting is less prone to error.

So, that said, is it doable? Can I have a user-selectable text field the contents of which can be copied?

Thanks all.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dave, 

I don't believe there is a way to copy text out of a published Storyline course. I know a few other users have mentioned using a site such as as it allows SMEs and other reviewers to add content and keep it all in one place. You may want to look into that for your review purposes. 

Nancy Woinoski

I would recommend using the Translation Export function for this - (Click the Articulate icon at the top left>select Translation>Export

This will export all the text to a word document (each text block is automatically given a unique ID).  You can edit the text to fix any typos etc., and then use the Translation>Import function to load the text back into Storyline. It works like a charm as long as you don't edit the IDs themselves.

Chris Jones

Perhaps I am missing a subtle point about what you want to do, but can't you use a text-entry field to do this? When published you can select and copy the text from the field.

The attached example sets the text-entry variable on each slide and resets it to the original value when the field loses focus (the user can't change the text-entry value).

Ahmed Jendeya

Hi Ren, 


Thanks for your reply. 

I want the student to be able to copy text from screen to a side notepad, which I created using the text entry field. 


My module will be published to AWS using the "web" publish option. 


I have passed through the threads but unfortunately, I cannot find a solution there. Any advice please? 

Lauren Connelly

Hello Ahmed!

Thank you for sharing this with us! I can see how copying text would be necessary for this type of interaction. We don't currently offer a way to copy text from a Storyline 360 course unless it's in an entry field. 

I'm happy to share this request with my team to continue tracking how many customers are interested in the option to copy text from a Storyline 360 course. 

Jon Owings

Hi Ahmed,

I found this java script action that copies variable text to the clipboard so a user can paste the text where they want. I just tested it and it worked great. Maybe this will help solve your need.