Change mouse to hand cursor when mouse hovered over hotspot

Jul 23, 2012

Dear All,

Currently, the mouse only change to hand cursor if I assign a click event to the hotspot. But, the mouse didn't change to hand cursor if  I assign an hovered event to the hotspot.

So, Is there any way to change the mouse to hand cursor when we mouse hovered the hotspot?

Please advise.

Best Regards,


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David Anderson

Hi Yulstar - Welcome to E-learning Heroes!

The default behavior for hotspots is to show hand cursor on hover. It's possible to disable the cursor change which I think might have happened.

If you right click the hotspot, you'll see an option to show the hand cursor. Is it currently selected in your hotspot?

Hotspots don't allow hover states (currently) so maybe you're working with a shape that looks like a hotspot? Here's some good info on how hotspots work and how you can modify the cursor option. 

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

David, I think he's saying the hover state is working for him (and it is for me) if the Hot Spot is assigned to the default "User Clicks" action in the Trigger Wizard.

But if he switches the action to "mouse hover", the mouse is no longer a hand, but the standard pointer.

At least this is how I"m interpreting the question.

David Anderson

Thanks, Becky. Totally see what you guys are talking about.

This was a UX decision that came out during the beta. The reasoning is that hand cursor implies a clickable link while simple rollovers that show/hide info are not the same. Changing the cursor could imply the link is hot but not working. So, this is as designed.

You'll notice the same behavior occurs with buttons and shapes using the same types of triggers. 

Yulstar lukimin

Thanks Rebecca for helping to clarify my question. That is exactly what I mean.

Thanks David for the info. Actually the behavior are different between hotspot and buttons.

For buttons, the mouse pointer is always in hand cursor state, no matter you assign "on click" or "on mouse hover" trigger.

And it doesn't have the option "show hand cursor on hover" when you right click on it. 

So, there is no way to trick  the mouse cursor change to "hand cursor" is we use hotspot and assign a mouse hover to it.



David Anderson

Hi Yulstar - That's right if the button has a Down state. I'm sorry I didn't include that in my original post. I assumed you were only working with hover states.

Delete the button's down state and you'll see that the hand cursor won't change either. Since hotspots can't have states, you'll never get the hand cursor.

If you need the hand cursor, you could create a fake hotspot button but creating a shape with a down state and make both states 100% transparent. That should give you the hand cursor when you mouse over the object.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Yoni, 

I don't believe there is a way to include the hand cursor, assigned to this option. If you'd like to see the hand cursor, have you thought about adding a hotspot to the area that you'd like to be clicked? The hotspot is invisible, but would allow you to see the hand cursor where it is clickable. 

James Picton

G'day fellow Storyliners!

An easier way to achieve the same result is to simply create a 'hover' and 'down' state for the image that you want the pointer to change on (i.e. from an arrow to a pointing hand). No triggers or hotspots are required - well, unless you want to add these for additional functionality.



Dianne Gibson

This meant that for my images that I've created and only one is correct - when they hover over the image with the trigger  - a hand appears -- a pretty good indicator that this is the right answer. I had to place a hotspot over the image and turn off the change to hand. I know there had to be an easier way... share anyone?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dianne,

This thread is a bit older, and you mentioned placing a hotspot over the image - but were you not using hotspots to begin with? The hand cursor can typically be disabled based on using a hotpsot and right clicking to disable it - but if you were using something else to start with could you share a bit more information about your set up? Feel free to post a .story file here as well for us to take a look at. 

Dianne Gibson

I am using 6 images and one is correct. I have trigger when clicked to show a layer and another trigger that is when clicked off the image to show another layer. I didn't use hotspots because it interfered with the state changes on the images. I tried to right click to change hand to arrow like you do on a hotspot but it's only a function of the hotspot. It is an arrow for all the others but turns to a hand when hovered over the correct image. Is there a solution to change the hand to an arrow?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dianne,

If you've made an element "clickable" in terms of a trigger or using a "pick one" question type for example, it'll have the hand cursor to let the users know that they'll be able to click on it. In regards to your other images, have you set triggers for them as well? Or it's just based on them not clicking the correct image? 

There isn't an option to remove the hand cursor on images/shapes. 

Dianne Gibson

I would say yes a trigger has been set for them because I've used the Show Layer when the user clicks outside of logic. Copy on no option - I wish there was - it is pretty obvious to the user that it goes from arrow to hand so I'm going to select this one as the answer.

Maidie Golan

Just came across this thread when looking for a solution to the hand vs. arrow issue. We really do need the option to remove the hand cursor on hover over images and shapes, as we use hover over characters and shapes a lot in our modules.

Right now all we can do is place hotspots over everything, which adds a lot of extra work. I understand the UX logic described early in this post, but you do need to trust us designers to select hand or arrow as we need and not hardwire in the choice for us.

Indrani Sen

Hello Leslie,


I have created couple of buttons.  However while hovering, I only see the arrow.  I would like to change it to a hand with pointing fingers.  How can I do it?

Also  on an another note, sometimes a cross icon that I created do not work.  I will send you a file with screenshots explaining the problems.


Thanks so much

Thank you, 

Indrani Sen

So sorry, I think in the 'preview' mode, the cursor does not work.  But does work in the publish mode.  So this is not a problem.

However the problem is the 'cross' icon in each section (Prep,Cold, Oven etc).  It seems such a simple button. I have no idea why this does not work.





Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for clarifying that! Have a look at this quick video of my testing. There I explain why the images look pixelated and the hand cursor doesn't appear on hover in HTML5. 

Try testing this link again in a Flash-enabled browser, and let me know if it's working better. Remember, you'll want to make sure you see story.html at the end of the URL.