Change the Hotspot selected area-answer indicator?

Feb 19, 2014

Hello Heroes,

When using the Hotspot.. I have 2 questions...

1-I have unchecked the "show hand cursor on hover" and the hand is still showing....?


2-Is there a way to change the selection indicator? once clicked, the selected hotspot area is marked with a swirling black and white cursor...and my client wishes to change this...



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Julie,

1. Are you using the hotspot quiz? If so, then the hand cursor will show over the entire slide, so that the user know they're supposed to click on something. If you're adding individual hotspots, then you have the option to hide the hand cursor, this is helpful for hotspots that may be triggered by a mouse roll over instead of a click - so that the user does not believe they have to click on anything.

2. I don't believe you can remove that marker, as that lets the user know where they selected. Although, I have seen at least one example where the user created a workaround, and as within that thread you're welcome to submit a feature request for the ability to remove/change it. 


Hello, re-booting this issue-- is there now some way to show/hide that spinner wheel for hotspot selection? The layers workaround doesn't work because it doesn't let us use the other default hotspot features we need for quick development. Lots of work to do here and these workarounds cost more time than we can afford or teach a whole team of newbies to do. And the spinner is confusing end-user clients, who keep thinking it means the computer has stalled, which is its most common meaning.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi J H,

Thanks for bringing this back to our attention and for sharing why this feature would be important to you and your learners.

I have taken the time to gather some of these requests so that the impact of this feature is reflected properly to our team. This conversation is attached so that you will be notified of any updates we have to share.

I also wanted to share some information about how we manage these feature requests as that may be helpful.

Leanne Shultz

Year is 2021 and I'm wondering if there's any news on updating the appearance of the hotspot marker. Apologies if I've missed something.

Particularly from an accessibility standpoint, it seems odd that after 9 years of requests we are still stuck with the subtle/tiny selection marker. Even being able to easily change the color of the echo/pulse of the marker, would make it a lot easier for ALL users to see.

Why limit designers to using light backgrounds with the given marker, and/or hacking together a workaround when trying to improve the user experience? Seriously this spinner thing is SO tiny and the echo is blue. My assessment is an interactive system simulation, and the software has a dark background. Ideally, changing the echo/pulse to a bright color, wouldn't require all this extra work.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Rajan!

The color of a hotspot in the slide view isn't customizable. We still have this logged as a feature request and continue to update it to reflect customer impact. As of right now, we have other features that are prioritized for upcoming releases. We'll be sure to update this discussion when it makes it on the feature roadmap.

Gert Troch

This feature request (actually an enhancement request since the feature exists) was already suggested more than 10 years ago and asked for by many. And it still needs to be put on the feature roadmap??? There is no doubt that the hotspot selection marker is visually totally inadequate. It is a reason for us not to use this type of question. Mind-boggling that Articulate despite it being expensive software cannot pull off such a simple enhancement (highlight the hotspot zone and you're done ) in over 10 years. 

Edward Hoke

Well, as previously stated, The Mars Rover took less time to be built and landed on Mars, than it has for the Hot Spot feature request to be implemented. Like all of us, you (Articulate) do some things really well, and others not so much. Hopefully by the 15th Anniversary of the first post, your Dev Team can have this figured out! Happy coding until then!