Changing Object State based on user action with Submit Button


I'm playing with the Drag and Drop options for a Technical Training course.

Changing the State of a Character when the character is rolled over a region works fine.

I would like to be able to change that slightly but I cannot figure it out.

I have 6 regions and 6 objects where 2 of the objects are correct and 4 are incorrect.

When the user places the two correct items on the correct regions, I do not want to see any State change at this point.

When the user clicks on the Submit Button, I would like the Correct Objects to add a Green Tick ( edited Correct State) and the incorrect Objects display an incorrect State with a red Cross.

I only want this to happen when the Submit button is clicked.

Is this possible?

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Antony Snow

Hi Darren,

Assuming that you have added the green tick to the correct states and the red cross to the incorrect states, if you click on [Edit Drag and Drop] there is an option at the bottom of the right hand options under 'Feedback' to delay item drop states until interaction is submitted. Selecting this check-box should achieve what you are trying to.


Ren Gomez

Hi Jenn,

The steps are similar in Storyline 360! When you create a freeform drag and drop interaction, in the Design tab, click on Drag and Drop Options. This will open a window where under Feedback, you can select the option to Delay item drop states until interaction is submitted.

Let me know if you were referring to something else!

Lauren Connelly

Hello ornella!

We're happy to help! Would you mind sharing more about how the course is not behaving as expected? When clicking submit, do the state of the draggable objects stay in the normal state or another state?

If you have a project we can look at, that would be helpful too. You can attach it to this public discussion or upload it privately in a support case.