Closed Caption editor degrading audio quality

Nov 03, 2020

I have all of my audio clips added to my course in Storyline 360 and went back to add closed captions to each slide with the closed caption editor. I can preview the clip on the slide before opening the editor and it sounds perfect. Once I open it in the editor to add my captions, I start hearing static in the clip. And when I'm done adding the captions and close the editor, I preview the slide again and now there's static in the audio. Is there anything that I should be doing differently?

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Katie Riggio

Hi Tony!

I'm happy to work with you to find out what's happening with the audio quality. Could you help me with these key details?

  • Which Storyline 360 update are you working with? Click the Help tab, then About Storyline.
  • Working on a shared drive can cause distorted media. Let's check that the project file is saved on a local drive.
  • Is this happening with every audio clip or specific ones?
Jaclyn Gish-Lieberman

Hi! I am having a similar problem. On my project, there were 5 slides (or layers on slides) where the audio is fine when I preview, but it is choppy and doubled when I try to create closed captions. From the advice above, I saved the project to my desktop rather than the server, and this fixed the audio on two slides. The two slides below remain unchanged. I even tried deleting and reinserting the audio but to no avail. I'm attaching the project. The affected slides are:

  1. 3.4 layer: Completed form 1.2A
  2. 5.5
Becca Levan

Thanks for sharing your file, Jaclyn! 

Slide 5.5 seemed fine to me, but after manually adding closed captions to the 3.4 slide layer Completed Form 1.2A, things did seem a little off.

From here, I've opened a case on your behalf so one of our support engineers can dig in further. Stay tuned; one of my teammates will reach out shortly after testing your project!