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Katie Riggio

Hi Erin,

Ah, great question! Closed captions are not included when you export text strings from your course for translation, in which you'll indeed need to export them both separately. Here are some handy tutorials on translating your Storyline 3 courses as well as importing closed captions for narration and videos.

In the meantime, I'm going to submit a feature request for this option on your behalf to our product team! Please feel free to reach back out here or via our feature request form if there's anything else you'd like to see in Storyline or any of our other products! We love new ideas :-)

Justin Sachs-Weintraub

+12 for the feature request for closed captions to be included in the export.  It really makes CC useless to all but the end user if we can't publish them in word.  It makes such a huge difference for translating, for a 508 audit and so much more.  The fact that you have to export the CC 1 by 1 makes the product feel outdated.  I think this should be a priority fix.