Closed Caption Translations SL3

Dec 18, 2017

I'm trying to use the closed captioning feature in Storyline 3. Is there a way to export the course along with the captions for translation? From what I can tell, it looks like I'll have to export the captions as a separate file than the rest of the course. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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Deepa Pai

Hi, assuming this feature has not been added as yet, right? I need to submit a proposal and need to let the client know what all would be coming their way for translations. So currently :

1) the exported captions file in text format 

2) another file for the remainder of the course,

..Both need to be translated separately. Could you verify that my understanding is correct? 

Thanks in advance for your help! 

Doris Dengg

Hi, I've been waiting for more than 4 years now for this feature, and not only me, as you can see here ;-) We are producing at least one course a month with about 50 sound files and closed captions. It is such an annoying work to export and import the vtt files one by one for translation (it is the same problem with the sound files, by the way).
Since this request is already 4 years old and many users are asking for improving this workflow, I would like to know if you are working on it and when the feature will be available. Thanks!!

Justin Sachs-Weintraub

I am disappointed and a bit frustrated  that you are not working on this.  You can see by the amount of feedback that the community was looking for this feature.  I am frustrated that for years the implication was that this feature was being worked on.  This was the same type of discussion that happened with making a native Storyline for Mac products. For years we were told it was being worked on and one day it was off the roadmap.  I really wish you would do a survey about what features are important to the community.

Alex H.

#22 and counting ...

I developed a workflow with the vtt-files (converting and adding them into a single word file), but it´s still annoying a*f* to import closed captions. And here´s another topic I wish Articulate would add: Why are automatically generated closed captions always randomly disassembled? Please program the function so that it is oriented to the period of a sentence!

James Bertelsen

Hi all,

I built an app that takes a Storyline 360 file and produces an Excel XLSX report with all media and captions listed by slide. It can also generate captions from audio using speech-to-text, and integrate them back into the Story file to download.

I haven't tried it with Storyline 3, but if you want to share a Storyline 3 (or 360) file with me while I'm still in the testing phase (and assuming the app works with your content) I can provide you with the Excel report, updated Story file, and media files. 

I can be reached at .

Doris Dengg

I will not stop posting this request.

We produce an increasing amount of courses with up to 400 audio-files in about 10-15 languages.

I cannot believe that I have to copy and paste each closed caption individually. This feels absolutely unprofessional to me!

Unfortunately in our company we are not allowed to use "unknown" apps like Jim's. I would expect this work from Articulate anyway. We are really thinking of changing the authoring tool because of this missing feature....

Please excuse my angry tone, but I've been frustrated for years about this issue.

Key Learning

Adding to this thread to request this be a built in feature. Would love to be able to develop a course in English that has Closed Captions done in Storyline. Then a simple 'Export Translation Table' with an option to include 'closed captions'. Then we could have the doc translated and import back into the course. We have a lot of these courses coming and this would make our lives so much easier. Thank you!

Heidi Trembly


The workaround I have found is to put whatever I'm putting in the captions into the "Notes" section.  Those will export and translate.  However, it is still tedious to have to take that translation and move it into the Text to Speech box for each slide.  (Especially when you have a lot of slides!)