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Crystal Horn

Hi David; thanks for the kind words!  The video tutorials in the Getting Started with Storyline series should give you the option to select closed captioning once you start playing the video:


If you click the CC down in the lower right corner, it will initiate captions that will look like this:  


For right now, the Studio '13 Getting Started video tutorials are hosted without the ability to select closed captioning.  I'm sorry for the trouble on that.  I brought this situation up to our community teams so that they can consider making that function accessible.

Thanks so much for sharing!

Martin Brown
Lauren Connelly

Hi Martin!

You're right, those videos and webinars don't have closed captioning options.

Not to worry, our training team will be able to provide a better option. Would you mind contacting them at training@articulate.com

I've already let them know that you'll be contacting them so they'll reply shortly after!