Continued issues with text running off slide

I know this issue has been brought up before but it continues to persist and seems to be getting worse. We are using Storyline 360 on local computers. When we use a text placeholder from the Master slide, after the course is published, the text box loses it's "Wrap Text" property, even though the Master slide placeholder is set to wrap text. We've quit using the placeholders and simply add text boxes, but each time we have to make an update to an older course, it requires a lot of work to go and fix these text boxes. We see this behavior even in brand new courses. 

For anyone having the issue, the fix is to right-click the text box, select Format Shape > Text Box tab and re-check the Wrap text box.

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Craig D

I've had similar issue twice now in the past week with text boxes resizing on their own causing the text to run off of the screen.  

It takes hours to then flip through screens to reset text box size.  It is more than frustrating.

I have yet to determine why or what causes this.  I literally completed a scene last evening.  This morning when I reopen to start - WHAMMO .  3 Scenes everyone of them will need edited now. 

While doing this, you can see in the slide box on the left has a preview and everything looks fine, but when you go to that slide the text box will resize to all variety of sizes.  I've had some re-size to 2400+ pixels?   

The only way to fix semi-quickly is right-clicking each text box choose the size and position menu then punching in a number. What gives?  Why does it randomly do this?  Is there a means to fix all at once by changing a default?  Does anyone else have this issue? 

Nicole Talley

I am having the same issue with the text running off the slide after I import the PowerPoint file.  I know you can check the wrap text box, but I am dealing with courses that are over 100 pages!  Unfortunately, I didn't know this was an issue until I had updated an entire course, saved it and when I opened it, all the formatting was gone!  So I attempted to prevent this issue with the next course I imported, so I made sure the text wrap box was checked before making any updates, and then I saved it , but it didn't matter because when I opened the course, all the formatting was gone and box was unchecked!!  I spent a whole day formatting text boxes!

It appears that this issue has been posted for many years so I am shock to see that it hasn't been resolved.  We purchased Storyline 360 thinking it would be easier to upgrade our courses, but now we are having second thoughts due the amount of time it takes re-format for each slide after it  is imported (not only do we have to check the text wrap box, we then have to change the size and position for each slide).  Will this issue ever be resolved , or is there something we can do prior to importing the ppt. files so that we don't spend a large majority of our time reformatting the text in the course after importing it into Storyline 360?

Craig D

Yes, it is frustrating when it occurs. In my case, I ended up discovering that I caused this to occur on my own. I’ll explain and maybe you can verify that you haven’t done the same thing.

When I imported a PowerPoint file, I discovered that I didn’t like the distorted appearance in Articulate of a background image that we had on all of our slides. The background was for the wide screen 16:9 setting in PowerPoint. When it was imported, it distorted our logo by compressing the width to whatever the parameter setting is in Articulate. I deleted that project because I wasn’t going to use it with that look. So, this is where I ended up creating my own yet-to-be-discovered issue and self-inflicted problem.

I applied a new slide Master in PowerPoint to my slides. Then I imported to Articulate. That is where I noticed what you are noticing. It was quite painful to edit the large slide-deck. As I was going through the motions to avoid the distortion and hopefully avoid the large editing job again is when I noticed that applying the new slide master in PowerPoint caused the issue. I noticed that all of text in my PowerPoint files had taken on the properties of the slide master.

Basically, I discovered that the problem pre-existed in PowerPoint and the Articulate import did exactly what is was supposed to do. It brought my PowerPoint mess over and created an Articulate mess. I cannot say that this will solve the issue for you, but that is where my issue came from. If you made any changes in PowerPoint before importing you may want to check that the PowerPoint file is fine before importing it.

Sorry for the long story. Hope that helps someone. I like both tools. Each has its best application.

Craig D

Cassidy Reif

Hi All,

I have been experiencing the same issue. This issue primarily occurs when I save and reopen a file. However, in the past, I have experienced that the issue can occur when publishing the file. Meaning the issue is not there while I'm working in the file and once I publish to SCORM and preview the training in my LMS, it's there. I was under the impression it was an issue on my part, but it continues to happen. I have made corrections on several files to fix this issue and it is quite the annoyance. I am sharing this in hope that this can be fixed and I will be notified. Thank you.