Countdown timer for Storyline 360 - not in results slide


I spent most of all day and a significant portion of this morning trying to create a backwards counting timer, not in a result slide, for a build I am working on.  I searched the forums and couldn't find a way to do this.  So, on the shoulders of the following people whose posts and work gave me pieces of the puzzle, I was able to build my countdown timer.  Thanks to: @RobbieCollett, #eswiftlearning, @GodwinVinnyCarole, @JeffreyRiley, @PaulAlders and @MichaelHinze. 

If you are interested, here it is.  I have 3 slides where the timer is sitting on slides and 3 slides that access it from the Slide Master that I created.  Feel free to use this is you need a backwards counting timer.  It's complex and I won't detail all of the intricacies, but here it is and I am pretty proud of it.

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