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Andrea Koehntop

Hi Fuji, and thank you for your question! 

I see that you asked a similar question in this discussion

Since you are not the course author, I think that discussion would be the best place for your question to be answered, but I look forward to ideas from other community members! 

elearningfreak dot com shared a way to launch Rise and Storyline content in fullscreen using WordPress. Take a look at their example

To check the Storyline version for course files you have created, you can open your story.html file with Notepad; you should see the version at the beginning of the text, similar to this: 

I hope that helps, and please let me know if you need additional assistance! 

Fuji Huynh

@Andrea Koehntop - Thank you for the helpful tip. I just checked Storyline 360, and I didn't know there is a huge difference in the player setting. With Storyline 360, projects can be published without the frame, and proportionally go full screen. I've been using Storyline 3, and tried so hard to work around the setting to remove the frame.