does everyone else find that exporting content as a video takes too long?


I don't know if this is an Articulate issue or because I need an IT upgrade. But every time I export content from Articulate 360 as a video it takes a huge amount of time.

At the moment I'm exporting 21 slides as a video and so far it has taken 55 minutes, and there is still a fair way to go.

Could someone please tell me about their experiences exporting videos, and whether this is a known problem or not. 





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Tom Kuhlmann

It depends on what you have as far as content. Essentially Storyline has to interpret all of the information, convert triggers, etc and then render the video. 

Videos aren't interactive and the content is linear. If you know you are building content that you'll output to video (assuming you don't need the interactive part of Storyline for a different context), you may find working with PowerPoint is a better solution.

You can publish an interactive module using Studio 360 and PowerPoint has an export as MP4 option. Of course that's only an option if you don't need the interactive elements you get with Storyline.

Esther Conort

I am having a similar issue - only it has taken over 24 hours to get thru 22 of 24 slides!  Which means it was still not DONE!

Then I accidentally hit my power button!  It didn't reboot but it kicked off the video publish process so I had to start all over again.  During that time I researched the issue.  Someone mentioned having to switch to the "Use Next Triggers" option vs the "Follow Slide Order" one.  I did this and it is still working thru the publish.  It was fine for slides 1-15.  It hit 16 (which has a desktop recording, followed by the next 7 slides having them as well) and now its taken 3 hours to process thru mere SECONDS of the time for slide 16...  So once more, this is going to take over 24 hours to complete IF nothing goes wrong between now and then.  Over the last 3 days my system has been tied up continuously attempting to publish this single project to video.

My resources and CPU are good.  I always reboot + close all other apps (standard and those in the systray) down when doing processes like these.  I have ample storage left on my hard drive, which is where this is processing.  And using Camtesia and Captivate had never caused this time of delay.

If Publish to Video isn't a good option when projects that include desktop recordings, why is it not removed or disabled when those are inserted?  My management is frustrated, I am frustrated and I am now severely behind on my other training development work as I wait until this is done...HOPEFULLY sometime tomorrow. 

Is the only suggestion to "Use Powerpoint"?

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Richard. I'm sorry some processes in Storyline 360 are taking longer than what feels normal. I don't see cases for either Glaister or Esther above; so I can't confirm what the resolution was for them.

When publishing to video, if you have audio or video on several slides, it will significantly increase the amount of time it takes to encode and create a video output. I don't want you waiting an unreasonable amount of time, however, and I'm happy to have a closer look at your .story file to make specific recommendations. I'll delete your file when I'm done troubleshooting.

We are looking into the lag with timeline preview as well. Typical reports from customers indicate that it takes 3-5 seconds to load before the slide content will start playing. I can understand that when you need to perform that process repeatedly, it feels like a time sink. I'll tag this discussion to be updated on any changes to that performance.

Katie Riggio

Hi, Sade. So sorry you're running into some trouble!

I'd love to help investigate the publish time. To start, can I confirm what Storyline 360 update you're on? You can find this detail by clicking on the Help tab, then About Storyline.

Also, would you be willing to share an affected .story file for testing? We'd love to take a thorough look at your setup to offer more tailored help. If you're able to share the project, please use this private upload link!

Sade Lancaster

Sorry. I didn't see this message 5 months ago. The issue was never resolved. I just started publish on a spare computer in the office and went home for the day. It was finished by the time I got back to work the next morning. I haven't had to publish to mp4 again so I can not tell you if the problem persists.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Sade and DIGIK Digital Knowledge!

I wanted to confirm which version of Storyline you're using. We released a bug fix in Update 37 (Build 3.37.21453.0) where a project would hang or freeze when publishing to video. 

I just published a course to video on my end and didn't hit any snags. I'm going to attach the project to this discussion so you can test it on your end. 

Lastly, in order to make sure the video publishes successfully, you'll want to make sure the slide numbers are in order. Can you check to see if the slide numbers are in number order?

Jay Goodrich

Hey all, did the last update also correct the glitchy moments?

I am using the version 3.36 21289 per 

But I have now run into a long stall at "Preparing to encode video..." that lasts for hours/overnight and never completes. I am not sure if I should actually update to a newer version yet because other videos are working.

Sade Lancaster

Hi there.

I'm using Storyline 360 version 3.40.22208.0 to publish a course to video. The course has 1 welcome slide with OST and an image, 1 slide with video file and audio files, and one completion slide with OST and an image. The video and audio on slide 1.2 is approximately 3 minutes long.

All my slide numbers are in order. 

The publish took almost an hour to complete and the end product has the video SUPER choppy. The audio that is added separately on the time line plays with no problem (not choppy). The video is the problem.

Natalie Darby

I am now having the same issue where the video is taking over an hour to encode. 

Can you please elaborate on "Lastly, in order to make sure the video publishes successfully, you'll want to make sure the slide numbers are in order. Can you check to see if the slide numbers are in number order?"

- How do I check the slide order?