Drag and Drop RESET option

Is there anyway to add a RESET option when creating a Drag and Drop activity. I love using the Freeform options when creating quizzes but it would be nice to have a RESET button on Drag and Drop questions when students don't get the correct answers and to make it easy for them to Try Again.

Is a Reset option something they can add to a future update under the Drag and Drop options?

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Kimberly Lococo

I just ran into another question on this post I started 3 yrs ago. Is there a way to TURN OFF the Reset function if students want to return to this slide for review purposes? Since the slide properties are set to Reset to Initial State, they can't come back to this slide to see what they answered. I like to allow students the option click the Previous buttons to review the content but this slide comes up with the question in it's original state and only the Submit button is available. They have NO way to review what they answered on this slide or review any slides prior to this one.

I tried creating a new True/False variable attached to the Continue button on the Correct/Incorrect layers and then added triggers to turn off the Submit button and make the Previous/Next buttons visible once they activate the variable. However, the Reset slide property must erase any variable adjustments because I still can only return to this slide in it's original state with the Submit button. Very frustrating!  Thanks!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kimberly,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you would like to accomplish within your course.

Having the slide properties set to 'Reset to Initial State', any time you return to this slide will display the slide in its original state as you mentioned. 

I'd love to see any ideas from the community on how they accomplished a similar requirement.