Exporting all captions

I have created a Storyline360 file, and each slide has its own audio and closed captioning created within Articulate. I can export the closed captions for individuals slides but can I export all captions for the whole file?  

Also when I publish to video the captions don't appear to come with it, and I then need to attach a caption file?

I am VERY new to this, and hope some can help. 

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Katie Riggio

Welcome to the community, Pia! 😊

Those are excellent questions, and I'm happy to shed more light:

  • Export a single caption file for the entire course: Currently, there isn't a way to export every closed caption at once in Storyline. You'll need to export the captions for each audio file individually.
  • Include closed captions in the published MP4 file: When publishing for video, closed captions are not included since there are no player elements. 

We're tracking requests for both features, so I'll surface your post to my team and notify you of any changes. Here's a glimpse into how we manage feature ideas.

Let me know if you have any more questions!