GIFs don't move? (Articulate Storyline 360)

Hello Heroes, 


I've seen some posts about this issue, but there are many different cases, I got lost and prefer to create a new one. Here's the problem:

Created a GIF using Photoshop. A simple arrow going up and down, with "Once" feature so it doesn't loop to infinity. I upload it to stage, but in preview mode it doesn't move.

How can I fix this? I really need do integrate GIFs on my e-Leaning products.

I'm using Articulate Storyline 360 by the way!


Thanks in advance!

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DIGIK Digital Knowledge

Hello Wendy,


Thanks for the help. I can see your GIF moving, but mine doesn't move.


I've made some tests and:

- My GIF exported from Photoshop doesn't move.

- My GIF exported from Animate (or Flash) moves, BUT, shows very low quality, and plays slower than the original GIF exported.

- BTW, I tried to insert a GIF downloaded from the Web, it works, but also slowly.


Watch my test here.


I need to Create animations (GIF) and play it on my stage, on a nice quality, original speed, and with transparency if it's possible.


Can someone help me please?

I'm the only one with this issue?




Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jon,

There are still some known issues with things like animated frame rates in GIFs not being respected, which I know our team is investigating. If you've run into that or something similar we'd love to take a look at your example and go from there! Feel free to share a copy here in ELH using the "add attachment" or send along to our Support Engineers.