GIFs don't move? (Articulate Storyline 360)

Hello Heroes, 


I've seen some posts about this issue, but there are many different cases, I got lost and prefer to create a new one. Here's the problem:

Created a GIF using Photoshop. A simple arrow going up and down, with "Once" feature so it doesn't loop to infinity. I upload it to stage, but in preview mode it doesn't move.

How can I fix this? I really need do integrate GIFs on my e-Leaning products.

I'm using Articulate Storyline 360 by the way!


Thanks in advance!

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DIGIK Digital Knowledge

Hello Wendy,


Thanks for the help. I can see your GIF moving, but mine doesn't move.


I've made some tests and:

- My GIF exported from Photoshop doesn't move.

- My GIF exported from Animate (or Flash) moves, BUT, shows very low quality, and plays slower than the original GIF exported.

- BTW, I tried to insert a GIF downloaded from the Web, it works, but also slowly.


Watch my test here.


I need to Create animations (GIF) and play it on my stage, on a nice quality, original speed, and with transparency if it's possible.


Can someone help me please?

I'm the only one with this issue?




Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jon,

There are still some known issues with things like animated frame rates in GIFs not being respected, which I know our team is investigating. If you've run into that or something similar we'd love to take a look at your example and go from there! Feel free to share a copy here in ELH using the "add attachment" or send along to our Support Engineers.