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Nov 09, 2022

I have a graded multiple choice question in Storyline 360. For the Try Again feedback, I added different states to Try Again layer text box with feedback/hints. I input the triggers so that if they select A and that answer is incorrect, the text box state appears that gives feedback about the answer the chose and a hint to select the correct answer. If they select B, the feedback text box is a different state that is related to that answer - again feedback with a hint, etc. I'm wondering if there's a way to add audio - for accessibility purposes to the states? Like, not only does the text box state relate to which option they chose but the audio for that text is also played. I've tried adding other triggers to play the audio when a choice is selected but then the Try Again feedback layer doesn't appear. I just can't seem to get it to play audio with the text box state that appears in the Try Again layer. Is there a way have multiple feedback options with audio?


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Eric Santos

Hi Anna,

Thanks for reaching out! I'm happy to share the steps in this post to add audio to a state. You can apply them to the Try Again layer's textbox so that audio will play based on the learner's response.

Attached is a sample Storyline project, where I:

Let me know if this works for you or if you have any questions!

Anna Grannes

Hi Eric,

I am still having issues with the states in the Try Again layer's text box. I was able to successfully add the audio to the states. The triggers were working fine before when I didn't have any audio - so, depending on which answer they selected, the correct text showed up. However, now the audio is playing as soon as I select a choice. It doesn't wait for me to select submit - it just starts playing. While it's playing, if I select Submit, it will open the Try Again layer and start over with the audio. I don't want the audio to play until a learner selects submit. I'm surprised that it worked ok before inserting the audio but when the audio was added to the state, it doesn't work. Why would the audio within the state play without the text state showing? Both audio and text are included in the individual states. What is the next step here? What am I missing?

Anna Grannes
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Eric Santos

Hi Anna,

I'm sorry to hear about the trouble with the audio playing automatically.

It would be helpful to see the Storyline file to understand why this is happening. Do you mind attaching your project in a support case so our Support engineers can take a look?


It looks like your email signature came through when you replied via email. You can remove that if needed by clicking Edit beneath your response. Here's a quick Peek video with the steps.

I appreciate your patience!