Handles not showing

May 03, 2021

Hi there!

This is a problem I'm having: I can't select some objects. There are objects that I can select and everything is normal, and there are others that I clic on them, I can move them, but there are not handles showing nor I can change their size.

Has someone else have this problem? What can I do? I have already uninstaled Storyline, restarted mi computer and instaled (again) Storyline. The problem is still there.

Anyone has an idea?

Thank you!!

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Fernanda Munizaga

Hi Christopher!

I asked myself the same questions. Those objects aren't locked.

Also I compared the objects' properties (those that show handles and those that don't show them) and I can't find a single difference :(

As there is a very rigid confidentiality agreement, I'm attaching a file with a single slide, although this is happening in every slide.



Barry Stoner

HI Fernando, a late reply here! But I am getting the same thing and it's specifically happening to buttons. 

I'm not sure at what stage it breaks but some buttons do not have handles when selected. 

It's not a major issue as I can still move them around and change the state of them. 

I've run a test and if I change the shape of the button, using Right-click, Change Shape, the handles return, but then my button looks nothing like it did before, so I need to remake it. 

@leslie Any ideas why this might be happening?

Thank you in advance.

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Barry.

Thank you for reaching out!

We have a bug reported where the Object handles will disappear if objects in Normal State are deleted and then recreated, which appears to be what you're encountering.

The workarounds listed are:

  • Recreate the object.
  • Avoid deleting all objects in the Normal state.
I've connected this discussion to the bug report, and I'll be sure to come back to update you when I have some news.