Help with SCORM 2004 cmi.interactions javascripts

Jun 30, 2016

Hi everyone!

I'm hoping anyone can help me.  Quick shout out to Steve Flowers for helping with some scripting dealing with CSOD!  

Cornerstone has a SCORM 2004 summary report that allows you to see what users are answering for their assessments and the actual question.  For example, What is 2+2?  The report will show the question and if the learner answered correctly or incorrectly.  However, it will not display the result but not the response.  CSOD support doesn't work for me because I am not on an allowed list of callers.  (another story).

What I want to do is create some sort of js that will let me see the responses that the learner entered (back to the example; maybe the learner chose 5 instead of 4.) I need those responses because managers want to get granular on questions missed to see if something is not hitting during training or do we need to change the course. 

Where do I start so that I can see these responses?  Is my request something that can be created in the SCORM wrapper that Articulate created on publish? If so, where do I add it? Where do I start and in what file do I create this?  Lastly how to I extract this information so that anyone can access it in a report?

Thanks for all the help fam!!

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Brian Dennis

I'd suggest searching the web for the ADL working group's xAPI wrapper library posted to GitHub. The library is quite good, and they've posted some examples too. That, and many many hours of quiet study time as it's quite powerful and complex.

The library pushes data to an LMS. SL side it's a combination of custom js triggers and plumbing to glue the pieces together. Master this stuff and you're in a very small club :)

Russell Killips

When setting up the options for a results slide, You can 'Allow Users to Print Results'. When a learner clicks on the Print Results button a html report is generated. I would look at the source of that report to see the code used to retrieve the data. This will probably be a good starting point.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

As Russell mentioned you could look at the information that is generated for the results slide printing ability - it's mentioned here in the context of creating a certificate, but you'll see it's the report.html file that you need to use. Articulate staff can't offer support for modifications of the published output or Javascript coding - but the community is a great resource for both of those! 

Sasha Rubeis

Hello everyone,

I know this conversation is a little dated but I'm hoping for some guidance.  Background story:  I've created a exam in Quizmaker, when sent to Cornerstone - user is still able to launch the exam after completion.  I've tried every property available in Quizmaker to prevent this.   What I've figured out is the fix is in the Scorm coding.  I will need to adjust the coding to where the user is incapable of relaunching the exam after review and completion.  Can any direct me in the right direction on as to how I can accomplish this?  I'm running out of options here.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sasha, 

Most learning management systems (LMSs) consider a course to be in review mode after the tracking requirement has been met. In review mode, resume data is no longer sent to the LMS, which prevents learners from accidentally changing their course status from complete back to incomplete

In that scenario, the user could still launch the course again - but they wont' be able to reattempt the questions unless you've enabled the retry functionality on your results slide. 

As for changing the coding, that's something I'd have to defer to the community for, but I'd also suggest pushing back on your LMS admins, as they should have a way to stop a user from re-launching the course and since the completion is being tracked at the LMS level, that is something left up to them. 

Tanmay Ghosh

Hi, I'm using the below format for SCORM 2004. It's not showing Student responses and correct resopnses in SCORM Cloud (both of them are variables and the console shows SCORM2004_RecordInteraction is getting the values properly). Is Storyline overwritting these?

SCORM2004_RecordInteraction("Question1",StudentResponse , true ,CorrectResponse ,"Question text goes here" , 10 ,"" ,"Course_1" , date , "choice");

Similar approach worked for me in SCORM 1.2.