How can I import HTML 5 animations into Articulate 360

Apr 20, 2021

I have been using Articulate for a few years now- great program!

I had created courses in Articulate a few years ago- the content included flash (.swf) animations and it was published for Flash output, for Scorm 1.2.

With Flash being discontinued, I am now re-publishing the courses in HTML 5 format using Articulate. Two questions: 

1. Do I need to delete the .swf files and re-insert the HTML5 version of these animations? 

2. If yes, how do I do this? 

3. If no, what are my options to display the animations that were in .swf format, now that Flash has been discontinued?

I reviewed your tutorial below but still need support with the questions above.


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Shina!

Great questions! If you have any .swf files in your course, we recommend converting SWF files to non-Flash files such as MP4 or HTML. I know some converters will do this, but I'd check with your IT team to see what they recommend. If we can offer any other assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to us in a support case.

Amy Ross

Hello Lauren, I too have the same issue, but your answer is not answering the question but rather giving another option..

1. converting flash to MP4, will lose all interactions... thus the reason why doing HTML5...

In my case, I have 140+ animations that I re-created from scratch from the swf. into interactive HTML5 animations, the final output of these animations is a folder with a bunch of files (index.html, js files, pics, etc.) ... right now, for testing purpose, the animations are hosted on a server and we link a webobject to it.. Now, the request is that html5 folder be included within the storyline project... 

Is this something doable, or no.. if no, then linking to an external server is the only way.. if so, how-to? :)



Lauren Connelly

Hello Marc!

Importing html5 animations isn't currently supported, but I did find a discussion that walks through how to use html5 animations in Storyline. Here's the link!

Since we don't provide design-related support, I'll leave it to our community of instructional designers to share their tips and tricks for using html5 animations in Storyline.

Math Notermans

Depending on your specific needs you have 2 options.

1) Embed the external HTML5 as WebObject and use them like that.

2) Rebuild the SWF animations inside of Storyline using the buildin GSAP library. This will give you for sure equal quality as your SWFs and best control.

Gladly help you get started with option 2 if needed.

Kind regards,
Math Notermans