Importing interactive HTML5 content to Storyline2 (e.g. from Adobe Animate CC)

Apr 09, 2016

A SWF/HTML issue from another perspective ...

I have always looked upon Articulate products as perfect for scalable solution. Interactivity that could not be achieved in Presenter or frame based animations in combination with Storyline could be produces in other programs and embedded in the Articulate tool as swf files. Thus more complex content could be used when necessary.

Is it possible to produce frame based animations and interactive parts in, for instance Adobe Animate CC, publish it from Animate CC as HTML5 and then embed it into a Storyline production. The result should then show the animations, let the user interact whit it in a controlled way as is possible with imported swf inte Storyline today.

I would be most grateful for any advice in this matter.

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Richard Hill

You can use the Html 5 or swiffy for embedding into a course, but in order to have data pass between the two. (ie. press an html5 button to tell storyline to progress is a little more difficult) So if you don't mind your animated content to be asyncronous, you can very easily put it into webObjects, and it will look great.   Otherwise you will have to have to do some level of Javascripting in Flash, storyline and edited HTML5 to get a var to pass from HTML5 to Storyline .  Hope this helps.

Amanda Corozza

Hi P-O E,

Coming in here a bit late. I did try bringing in animation from Animate CC into Storyline and it worked wonderfully. The vector quality is maintained. The file size is low. I am simply loving the combination of the two.

Attached is an example of the integration.

Once unzipped.

1. Open the folder  "Storyline..."

2. Click on "story_html5".

Whatever you see there is 100% vector.





Leslie McKerchie

Woo hoo! Glad you were able to find what you needed here Suzette. I like seeing these older threads continuing to assist.

I'm assuming this is for your custom work you mentioned here. Sounds like you can progress a bit more now. I'd love to see what you're working on :)

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Alison Coops

Joy's document is very helpful.  But it would be very nice if either 1) Articulate fixed storyline so that when you select the correct folder you could actually see something instead of assuming it wasn't working or 2) those kind of tips were spelled out in e-learning heroes instead of having to open a user submitted document.

Alison Coops

Hi Leslie,

I tried using that documentation first, but it includes the false
information (There must be a file called index.htm or index.html in the
folder you select, and all supporting files for the web content to function
must be in the same folder.) and it doesn't include the very important
information "Select the folder you have created. And a BIG surprise here,
you will see nothing. But don't worry, that's the fun part. Just click OK.
It will work."
So I was unsuccessful trying to follow online documentation and needed the
info in Joy's document to get it to work.


*Alison *