How can I make a background music play continuously across multiple slides/layers?

Hello all, 

I want to insert a background music to multiple slides. These slides will automatically play without showing the "Previous""Next"button, so I wish the music track could continuously play through these slides without being cut off. 

Is that possible to do that?

Or if not, is there a way to fade in/out the music at the beginning and end of each slide?

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Leonardo Pereira

Hi Maggie.

I know it isn't the best way to do it, but I improvised. here are the steps to do:

1- Publish your storyline file (lms mode/scorm 1.2, for example).

2- Open a new storyline file,then go to the tab Insert> record screen.

3- Preview your story.html with chrome or IE.

4- Start to record.

5- After recording all, insert your favourite audio file and ta-da!!

It's not the reccomended way, but works well.


Please developers, help us to make it easier!!






Lindsay Klotz

Hey, so I am working in Storyline 360 and these javascript code including the modified verision that are compliant with html5 outputs are not working even when I download the examples. Is this a function lost when Storyline 2 upgraded to 360? Need to have an audio file loop as background music with no interruption using Storyline 360. Any suggestions?

Brian Nalley

I feel as a general rule that products like this should start with what Powerpoint can do, and build upon that. I am having this issue now as well, after coming back to give Storyline a try again. It has been YEARS and this is still not possible in Storyline? This seems like just a basic requirement to me, and I am really bummed this STILL isn't incorporated. Especially now that we have 360 versions which we pay for forever so they are "always up top date".