A few questions about submitting Essay results to the LMS without changing the course status to "completed"

Jan 14, 2021

Help, I need somebody!

I read several topics, and realized that if I link the Essay to the Result slide, and turn on the tracking of this Result when publishing, then the LMS admins will receive the text written by the student in the Essay. Right?

I have a task. There are several Surveys in the course, including Essays. Students can fill or skip them. This does not affect the completion of the course. The course ends after passing the final test. How can I make sure that text from filled surveys are also reflected in the LMS? (I have no experience with LMS, I'm a scriptwriter and I'm just learning how to develop courses to improve my scripts).

Or is the "submit results" trigger needed only to track the "result slide" to inform the LMS about the completion of the course?

Does Storyline send the data entered in the Essay field anyway? And it depends only on the LMS itself whether we can see data?

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Andrew Korobeynik

ОК! After a sleepless night and a lot of trial and error with Scorm Cloud, I seem to have formulated a solution!

First and foremost - if you add a condition (if) to the «submit result» trigger, which will be impossible, then the data of the question (the text of the essay written by the student, a short answer or test results) will be submitted to the LMS, (аnd we will be able to see them in the report), but the LMS will not assign the course "completed"!
- the pre-check quiz type works according to this principle.

It means that:
1) If we want to see an essay written by a student in the LMS report, we need to create a Result slide, attach the Essay slide to it and enable tracking in the LMS Tracking option
2) If we do NOT want the Essay Result tracking to lead to the "complete" state of the course, we need to select Quize Type Pre-Check. (since the preset conditions for «Submit result»: If Results.ScorePoint> or = Results.PassPoint are not met, because Results.ScorePoint for essays = 0)
3) Sometimes it is necessary to see how a student answers a graded question, for example, in the middle of the course, (not only failed (incorrect), but also passed (correct)), but at the same time we want the course to end on some other question (for example, at the end of the course )
4) However, this method will not work if we have a Graded Question and scores are awarded for the quiz. (In that case, if the answer is correct, « If Results.ScorePoint » will be> or = Results.PassPoint. Conditions will be met and the LMS will take this as a command to compete the course).
5) How to solve this problem? We can replace the «If condition» with another one, which is obviously impossible. For example, place a button outside the slide, and set the condition «if button state selected».
6) That’s all: the student passes the test, we see in the report how he passed it (correctly or incorrectly), but the LMS does not mark the course as completed and we can use another test to complete it!
7) What should be done if we do not want the student to see the Result slide? We must create it and hide it by removing all triggers that lead to it.
8) Then, on the next slide after the Essay slide (or the other quiz or survey that we need), we set the "submit result" trigger, bind the trigger to the hidden Result slide, and be sure to put down an impossible «if» condition to «Submit result When the timeline starts This Slide»(see point 5).

Another problem: If we use a combined Result slide, then we do not see details of child quizzes and surveys in the LMS report.
I found the following solution:
- create a duplicate for each slide of the Result we are interested in,
- DO NOT include these Result slides in the combined Result slide,
- INCLUDE these Result slides in the tracking,
- hide these Result slides (and remove all triggers so that the student does not get on it),
- set the trigger next to the slide after the quiz or review. point 8)
If I am correct, I hope my solution will help other people.

Maybe you should do a fourth Type of Quiz for the Result slide? (or button, or trigger) Which would submit the question data to the LMS and automatically added to the LMS tracking options, but would not lead to a change in the course status to "completed"

Alisia Leyva

Hello! I'm running into this problem - I've created storyline "essay" slides and would like a way for the LMS to track once the learner has submitted their text answer. 

However, I do not understand your #1: "attach the Essay slide to it". What does this mean? I'm having difficulty following along with your steps (I'm also pretty new at this whole thing!). I've created an essay slide and an essay result slide. 

Thank you for your help!

Kelly Auner

Hi Alisia,

Thanks for reaching out!

I see you’ve connected with our Support Engineers and are working with my teammate, Matthew. You’re in excellent hands. I wanted to quickly address your question above. When you insert a results slide, a Quiz Settings window will appear where you can check the slides that you want to be included in the results slide.

                               Windows 10 2022-08-30 at 2.43.53 PM

I hope this helps! I'll be sure to add your comments to your support case so we can keep all of the information in one place. We'll continue the conversation there!

Penny Botello

When you link the Essay to the Result slide and turn on tracking, the LMS admins will receive data related to the completion status of the Essay (i.e., whether it was completed or skipped). However, the LMS will only receive the actual text written by the student if you have set up the Essay to report its data to the LMS.
Besides that I could recommend you this source https://edubirdie.com/essay-grader because it helps me a lot with my writing, it is essay grader - more concretely, it analyzes your writing and tells you what you should correct; I think it will suit you well, good luck.
The "submit results" trigger is typically used to track completion status and report it to the LMS. However, if you want to report other data, such as the text entered in an Essay, you may need to use a different trigger or configure the Essay to report its data in a different way.

Matt Hertz
Reina Jenkins

Hello Andrew! In order to ensure that the text from filled surveys is reflected in the LMS, you will need to consider a few factors. Firstly, linking the Essay to the Result slide and enabling tracking when publishing will not automatically send the text written by the student to the LMS admins. The tracking primarily pertains to the completion of the course or specific slides, rather than the content entered by the students. To capture the data entered in the Essay field and have it reflected in the LMS, you may need to utilize the LMS's specific functionalities or features. Different LMS platforms have varying capabilities when it comes to data collection and reporting. Therefore, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the features offered by your LMS. Also I will recommend you type in the 5207418 platform code to quickly find answers to your questions. So let's go on, typically, LMS platforms provide options for integrating external tools or plugins that can capture and report data from surveys or other interactive elements within the course. These tools often require configuration or setup within the LMS to establish a connection and enable data transfer.

Hi Reina, I have to disagree with you on one thing. The "submit results" trigger is generally used to send the learner's quiz or assessment scores to the LMS and not to report data from surveys! It informs the LMS about the learner's progress and completion status.