How can you determine the total "run time" of a Storyline file?

My company wants us to indicate the duration for our eLearning courses in out LMS so learners are notified about the amount of time it takes to go through an eLearning course. To help address this need, I wanted to get a total run time for my Storyline files. I wanted to find a way to quickly add up the items listed below (especially items #1 and #2)

1) Total timeline for each slide

2) Total timeline for each question slide

3) total timeline for each layer on #1 and #2

Is there a way to accumulate the items listed above? If not, can code (e.g., javascript) be written to do this?

Or is there some easy manual way of doing this without having to go from slide to slide and manually adding up all the timelines?

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Walt Hamilton

Total timeline for each question slide?  How can anyone guess how long a user will take to answer a question?

My own personal best practices:

Personally, I would never think of releasing a project without one final run-through AS A USER, to see what they see, to feel what they feel, to find the mistakes and poor design that they will experience. Of course, I may be the only designer in the world that makes mistakes, or gets tunnel vision. While I'm looking for all those other things, it's easy enough to time it.

Timing for each slide and layer? I know that sooner or later, SL, or I, or my computer is going to bargle up a presentation, and I'll be stuck recontructing at least part of it, so as I create, I keep pretty extensive notes. Recording the length of a slide and its layers would be pretty easy.

Most layers and slides that have interactions have pretty short timelines, but are designed to patiently sit and wait for the user to assimilate everything at their own pace. It;s hard to anticipate how long those will last. Naturally, linear, single-pace , non-interactive courses are easier to time.


Chris Hunt

Ok, here's what I found out from testing some items in SL to systematically determine a estimated duration for learners to complete a module.

1) A few preconditions:

  1. All the content is completed for your course (i.e., you are not adding any other content)
  2. Remove all course content that is not going to be used in the final module (i.e., scenes, slides, question banks, and questions).

2)Determine the Estimated Module Duration

  • Open the SL file which you want to determine the total time
  • Select "publish"  (see attachment)
  • Click the box to right of title input box that has "…"
  • The estimated duration is provided on the pop-up window toward the bottom right of the pop-up window.


  • Timelines on layers are not included in the duration
  • If you use a question from a question bank in more than one quiz, it's time is only included once
  • Quiz placeholder slides do not have a timeline


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Ari,

The overall duration of a Storyline file currently does not include layers, but I appreciate you letting us know you have a need for that. Our product team is always keen to hear about customer needs, so I can certainly pass along your suggestion. And feel free to share any other ideas you have here: Feature Request Form.