How do I activate the new Transcript button for learners to use?

Jul 12, 2023

Hello, I saw in this article: that a person is able to now add a synchronized transcript from closed captions. I have added in the closed captions to the slides I needed to and I am trying to locate where within the "player" I can add the option to show the "transcript" button for learners. 

I am currently using the Modern style, and menus/controls are on. For player controls I only see options for: Play/Pause, Volume, Captions, Playback speed, accessibility controls, full screen, search, & seek bar (no transcript). 

I tried clicking on the accessibility controls to see if the option is within this button, but it was not. Where can I find the transcript button that was shown in the first image within the article? Any insight is greatly appreciated!

Also, I did not import my captions from another file, I just copied and pasted the text I needed into the caption editor within storyline. 

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John Morgan

Hi Salena,

Great question! I understand you can't find the transcript button for your learners to use. I'd be happy the get you some information on that. I have a follow-up question regarding your course so I have a better understanding of what you are experiencing.

  • You mentioned that you have the close captions added to the slides, do those slides have videos in them? The article you linked to is for video transcripts.

Thanks for reaching out and I look forward to your response!

Salena Soria

Okay, so I see what you mean and now see it within video settings. When I preview the video alone I now see the transcript button, but when I preview the whole slide I do not see the video options. How do I make sure this options become available for any video I add captions to within my course; in the course view not just video view? Like the image attached which is from the original article I attached to this discussion. 

Also, I could not see the option available when I publish the course in Review 360.

Salena Soria

Hello, I am trying to do that. I have attached an image of the video controls (which are in dark mode) and what it looks like when in review 360. Or am I not allowed to preview this feature at all to ensure it is working how I need it to? 

The slide within Storyline I am showing you consists of only a video and some hotspots and I added in captions for the video directly into the caption portal within Storyline. What am I missing to see the video controls?

Nicole Larson

It appears the transcript is only an option for videos that are embedded in training, and not for when publishing training to MP4, is that correct? The way the initial announcement about the transcript was phrased made it seem that any audio or video object would be able to have a transcript, but it is only available in the video navigation bar and NOT the player bar. It is also not available when publishing to MP4 (the transcript shows up as captions that are illegible because of placement on the slide and background color). This is most certainly not accessible. 

Is there a way to publish a storyline file to MP4 and include the transcript for all audio in the panel to the right of the video instead of just captions on the bottom of the screen?

Eric Santos

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for reaching out; good questions regarding video transcripts in Storyline! I see that my teammate, Luiza addressed these in the related case. Let's continue the conversation in your support case, but I'm happy to assist further as needed!

Sharing Luiza's input in the case for anyone who might have similar concerns:

1) Storyline generates a transcript for a video file, given that it has closed captions uploaded to the same Storyline project. A video file is to be embedded into the Storyline project, and this is different from the video output, which is the file that's generated when you publish a project as a video.

2) The tool a user clicks to enable the video transcript is on the video controls bar, not on the Player. When you insert a video into a Storyline project, you're given the option to enable the video controls. Here's a screenshot to distinguish these.

3) The video transcript feature is not for video outputs. When you export your Storyline course as a video, the media app you use to play it uses its own controls, so it ignores Storyline's video and Player controls, including the button that enables a video transcript.

The feature to generate a video transcript doesn't apply if the course does not contain a video.

Nicole Larson

Yes - I understand the difference between the video controls bar and the player controls, and that it's only available for videos embedded into storyline, however I think that's a missed opportunity to provide a transcript for files published as videos as well as a transcript pane for all training. We've been using a workaround for a transcript by renaming "Notes" to "Transcript," however that isn't real-time with the audio as a real transcript would be.

I found a workaround for publishing a story file to video: I took my published MP4 and then embedded the entire video into one slide and republished that in order to get a real-time transcript.

I submitted a new feature request to have a transcript option for all story files and not just those that contain videos. Yes, I know there are captions available, but those aren't a great option for everyone and they sometimes cover content on screen. A transcript is easier to scan the content in case you miss something or want to review.

Elizabeth Forstmann

I'm still so frustrated with this!  I have read the articles, watched tutorials, and followed this discussion; but I STILL can't get the transcript option to work.  I can see the accessible video controls, but the are not active because when I click on them nothing happens. (See screencast)

What am I missing here?

Jürgen Schoenemeyer

it looks like there is a transparent rectangle (???) above the video, which blocks all mouse clicks on the video navigation bar

if you upload* your source file (.story) I can take a look at the project

*as attachment here in the forum (-> button "Add Attachment" below)

Jürgen Schoenemeyer

"Rectangle 2" is the problem - hide the layer and the navibar of the video is working

but now the learner can navigate the video with the video navigation bar and then the video timeline is out of synch to the storyline timeline -> red arrow ...




Jürgen Schoenemeyer

here is a solution to show/hide transcripts with normal buttons (-> Javascript trigger)

"Rectangle 2" is visible -> everything keeps in synch

toggle Transcripts:


show Transcripts:


hide Transcripts: