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Jared Nelson

Hi Oleg, I was just reading through your post and I agree, getting the actor from LMS with scorm only is a big hurdle. my IT team do not understand enough about Xapi to help instantly.  So yes this feature is very hard to use for the average instructional designer and the support documentation falls a little short of being helpful. 

Math Notermans

A xApi-statement or actor is meant to be sent to a LRS with xApi. Scorm is NOT xApi and so using actors and xApi statements and then publishing to Scorm will never work.

Do read up on Scorm, Scorm2004, LMS, xApi, Tincan and LRS if it dazzles you. Basically its all about communication with a Learning Management System (LMS) or Learning Record Store (LRS).

I understand Storyline's implementation of it is confusing. But basically Scorm and xApi are 2 different ways in communicating with a backend. Apparently Storyline uses both to ensure compatability on any LMS.

Oleg Buylov

Hello Math,

We have implemented simultaneous support for SCORM and xAPI in courses developed by Adapt Lerning using this extension and the "Spoor" launch method (in the description on GitHub it is written how it works).

It seems to me that it will not be difficult to implement the same function in Articulate Storyline.

Regarding the update in November 2021, I see no point in it, since it is not difficult for me to publish the course twice in different formats and without a new function.

Math Notermans

Really looks interesting Oleg. Indeed it should be easy to implement for Articulate. Alas is Storyline quite closed and not open for extensions. Im not sure how well Articulate's CMI5 code is. It was not supported till a recent version ( december 2021 or so Storyline 360 build 3.39.21985.0 or later).  Anyway this sounds an interesting option for sure...

Stephen Wilhite
Oleg Buylov

Now an Actor can be generated from Javascript templates, including those with the SCORM student ID

Oleg, I'd love to learn how you accomplished this. We're trying to do the exact same thing, but I'm not having any success adapting the "Static Account" template in Storyline to grab the Student ID.