How do I know my account URL?

May 12, 2016

I am using Articulate Storyline 2. I have created a first little video, and I wish to publish it for my users.
How do I know my account URL? Where can I find it?


thanks in advance,


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Els Somers

Dear Brian, dear Leslie,

Thanks for the quick feedback. I'm afraid I did not find the required information to solve my issue. I've read in the tutorial on only this:

To complete the process, enter your Articulate Online credentials (Account URL, Email, and Password) and click the Publish button.

I don't know my account URL. Where can I find this?

Nathaniel Kemp

Had an ah-ha moment; make sure you're in the right publishing tab! None of the above worked for me as I don't have Articulate Online (Using Articulate Storyline 360); when publishing I was in the "Articulate Online" tab where Account URL is required and should have been in the "LMS" tab where you don't need an Account URL. #UserError on my part. :) Hope this helps others!


Don Vanderloo

Hello - I'm brand new to Articulate. My boss set me up with an account, and I received an email with an account URL to my Outlook inbox. I copy/pasted that into the Account URL field in Publish and get an error. Looking at the URL, I can see that Outlook has added some text and substituted ASCII characters in the URL. I read another tutorial about changing my URL, but when I go into Settings I don't have the option for Other Settings as demonstrated so I'm unable to change the URL. My predecessor at my job is gone, and with him all knowledge of Articulate/Storyline, and my boss doesn't work the Storyline side. I need to figure out my Account URL to publish some lessons - quite literally 'yesterday'. Please help.

Don Vanderloo

Hi Leslie –

Thank you for the super prompt reply. I clicked on the link in your email and it took me to a community page. Clicking on my account, it says my free trial expired in April. I think I did sign up for a trial to learn Articulate, but we are on a paid account. I found another email forwarded to me by my boss with an ‘Account URL’. This is different than the one I had mentioned in my post. I tried this as well and still get a URL/Password error in Publish. Is there a way that I can send the URL to you to verify?

Aaron Schubert

Hi, I have a fully paid subscription to Articulate 360. I wish to publish a Timeline slide from Articulate Storyline into Articulate Online. From there I can try and insert it into an Articulate Rise Course. However, it asks for my account URL. From the notes above this is something I may have set up myself when I initially subscribed 2 years ago. I cannot remember what my URL is, nor are any of the instructions above useful in telling me how I can find/re-find that URL. Can someone please advise.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Aaron,

Articulate Online (AO) is a separate subscription from Articulate 360, and you can host courses created in Storyline or Studio similar to using a Learning Management System (LMS). 

If you need to add Storyline courses to Rise, you'll want to choose the top option in the Publish window of "Articulate 360." That will publish to Review, and from there you can pull a Storyline course hosted in Review into your Rise courses.  

Let me know if you have other questions! 

Aaron Schubert

Hi Ashley,

Yes, I worked out the publishing concept yesterday, but thanks for the advice. However, the main question still stands, has been asked a few times in this thread, and nobody seems to have an answer, so I'll try again without any strings/linked ideas attached...

How do I locate my account URL?