How to disable "Next" button until all tabbed buttons have been visited

Jul 24, 2020

Dear Community,

I am using a template from eLearning Heroes' Downloads. I have disabled the "Next" button using a trigger but it does not become "Normal" even after I set the condition for it to be - after the tabbed buttons have all been visited. 

the goal is that only after all 5 buttons have been clicked (visited), the "Next" button becomes Normal. 

Appreciate your help. 

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Benedict Chia

Dear Matt,

Thanks for the tip! I did as you advised and it worked.

However, once I link those buttons out to another scene/slide, and learner returns to the slide by clicking the "Previous" button, the states of my button no longer stays visited. 

As a result, the "Next" button doesn't appear even if learner has gone through all 5 scenes. 

So I am back to square 1. Pls advise.

Have attached the file. Content not all in yet, so its only 7mb. Thanks. 

Benedict Chia

Thanks for responding Lauren. I found an alternative solution via a separate thread by James Holt. Using true/false variables instead to control the behavior. 

The community support here is amazing.  Love it.

David Truzman

Perhaps due to recent updates, there seems to be an easier way to do this:

1. Add trigger to Disable/hide next button when timeline starts on base layer

2. Ensure all objects/tabs have Visited states

3. Add trigger to Set Next button to Normal, when the STATE of (select objects/tabs) is Visited.


This doesn't dictate the order in which they can view the objects but it won't let the learners proceed without viewing them all first.