How to Reset Quiz After Clicking Try Again

I have a few different quizzes in my course, they are all set up the same:

When the Incorrect slide layer appears, I have renamed the Continue button to "Try Again". The trigger is set to jump to the same quiz slide. Under properties, the base layer and slide layers have been set to "Reset to initial state" when revisiting.

The Multiple Choice quiz and Word Drag and Drop quiz work fine; meanwhile, the Matching Drag and Drop, and Sequence Drag and Drop freeze up and don't reset - you simply can't move any of the parts.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what I might do to troubleshoot/fix?


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June Lum

Hi - I know that this is a really old thread but I'm having an issue where my slides will not reset to the initial state when I've changed the slide settings to "Reset to Initial State", including the layer settings. Each question should have 2 attempts, but I'm not having any luck, The number of attempts has also been set to 2. 

Any suggestions? I've attached the slide. 

Crystal Horn

Hi there, June. The default behavior of the Try Again layer is to simply hide the layer. It won't reset the answer choices because the slide was not "revisited." However, you can add a trigger to your Continue button to jump to slide (current slide) when the user clicks. Since the slide properties are to reset the slide to the initial state, you'll see the answer choices reset.

Does that help?

Shi Almont

Hi everyone, 

I've been digging through threads trying to find an answer to my question--this thread seems to get the closest to solving my issue, but not quite. I have a drag and drop quiz. Students get three attempts. When they click "try again" I need the drag items to reset to their initial state. When I set up the layer to "reset to initial state" when revisited, the drag items do just that. However, this also resets the number of attempts the students have used, therefore giving them unlimited attempts rather than three. How do I resolve this issue? Thank you!