Quiz with Try again (2 attempts) and "reset to initial state"

Nov 10, 2013

Hello everyone

I need to use these 2 options with exercises :

- 2 attempts

- Reset the original question state when the learner needs to "try again".

So what I did is :

- Parameter 2 attemps in options

- Parameter "Reset to initial state" when revisiting on the exercise slide

- Use a trigger "jump to the exercise slide" with the "try again" button

So the problem is that the learner is obliged to "try again" until he answers right to the exercise, so it becomes an "unlimited attempts" exercises...

The other option is to delete the trigger "jump to the exercise slide", but it means that the previous answers won't be erased. 

I attached an example, if someone can help...

PS : I'm not english speaking native, sorry for the mistakes I probably made

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Kamil Nowek

You have the solution at the link below.

There is no problem when you have the multiple choice/response. You should add in try again slide layer the trigger to change states of in your buttons to normal.

If we're talking about drag and drop, you shoud create variable and check when your variable is bigger than your attempts. If no, you have to jump to this slide one more time, if yes, show layer incorrect. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rex!

Are you utilizing the standard method to retry your quiz via Result Slide?

  • Allow user to retry quiz: This adds a Retry Quiz button to your result slide, which gives learners an unlimited number of attempts to retake the quiz. (To limit the number of quiz attempts, see this tutorial.)

This should allow your review to work as expected as well without having to change the slide properties as you mentioned above.

Katherine Plastich

Took a break, back on it....new issue, not sure if a limitation?  The bounce back works with the "reset to initial setting" in the base slide and the count variable applied for try again 2 attempts. However, on the results slide when you click on the "Review Quiz" button, the responses are out of whack, i.e. the bottom banner is incorrect when it should be correct. Some slides show the correct answer at the same time as the selected wrong or right answer, but not on all questions. The review mode works fine when the base slide setting is Automatically decide...but then I lose the bounce back function during the quiz.  Thoughts anyone? Thanks!