How to resume video where the learner left off

May 05, 2021

If a person is watching a video within Storyline and for some reason the person exits the course before finishing the video, is there a way for the video to pick up where the person left off?

"Resumed saved state" when revisiting is for the slide and that does not work for the video even though it is part of the slide. Any suggestions?

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Sally Wiedenbeck

There is no built-in way to do this. The problem is it saves the state of the slide when you change slides, but not when you close the course. So, a workaround is to add a "save and exit" button on the slide with the video, that when selected, brings the user to a new slide. That slide can have  "your progress has been saved" text, and a "resume" button that uses the 'go to previous slide' trigger.

Rubina Pak

Thanks Sally, that was actually a brilliant suggestion. However, the other issue we are experiencing now is that whenever the window is closed in our LMS (we use Cornerstone) rather than clicking on the Exit button trigger, Cornerstone updates the training as Completed, even though they have not finished watching the video which is on slide one.  I have created several projects with various triggers and slides and layers and all those triggers are null and void if someone clicks on the close window. Does anyone have suggestions?

Steve Hazelton

Rubina - what are you using to indicate course completion when you publish the course in Storyline, and is the video the last slide they see? If so, add one more slide and put a Complete Course trigger on it. Otherwise, if you use the Exit Loop that Sally described, just visiting the video slide can trigger Course Completion.