How to reveal the correct answer after incorrect attempts

Aug 02, 2013


How to reveal the correct answer after incorrect attempts for Quizzing type single choice and multiple choice

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Surya and Ashley,

It looks like the links are to Quizmaker quizzes.

For tutorials on Storyline quizzes, perhaps this thread will help. If you scroll, you'll see that Step 5 is: Choose the number of attempts.

Also, Surya, if you have a question slide that you've prepared, the community could take a look and help to trouble shoot it.

Oh, and if you click the question mark button in Storyline (the one right under the X to exit on the top right of the screen) you can access lots of tutorials.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Surya,

I've created a story (really barebones) that achieves your end goal, but it's a bit of work. Explanation as to why below. If anyone knows a more efficient way to do this, I'm all ears.

Also, when you said above "Quizzing type single choice and multiple choice" I assumed you meant multiple choice (1 correct answer) and multiple response (more than 1 correct answer), so that's what I did in the attached. I'm using MC for multiple choice and MR for multiple response below.

First, it would be easier to do this if SL allowed us to copy/paste the MC/MR boxes that are on the base layer, but this can't be done.

So, in order to get Learners to a correct answer AND have the submit button dimmed (because they've already submitted they're answer), I duplicated the correct answer layer and named it Correct Answer.


The complication is that SL shows the correct layer with the last incorrect answer Learners chose.


On this Correct Answer layer, I created option buttons (MC) and check boxes (MR) to "match" those in the associated questions and ticked off the correct answers. I positioned these correctly and then hid the Base Layer MC and MR boxes.


The default correct answer prompt appears which is misleading, since Learners actually didn't get the answer correct...and it's kind of in the way. So, I went into the Feedback master and repositioned the Feedback placeholder rectangle and divider line (master layout at the top) and feedback boxes and continue button (Correct Feedback and Try Again feedback layouts).


I went to the correct answer layer for MC and MR and inserted a rectangle over that default rectangle, made it white fill/white background to match the slide background, and edited to provide Learners with better feedback. I also made sure the continue button was in front of this rectangle, and that it jumped to the next slide.


Whenever we choose to have more than 1 attempt in a quiz, SL automatically creates an AttemptCount variable. So, on the base layer of the MC and MR questions I added a trigger that says:

Show layer

Correct Answer (this is the duplicate layer I created)

When User clicks

Submit button

On condition: attemptcount is equal to or greater than 2

Please shout out with any questions.

And, community/staff, if there's an easier way, please do share!

Marcia Franklin

It would be a great feature to be able to show the correct answer as an option on 2x incorrect. I want to do this as well, and I'm not using a review slide because the questions are embedded knowledge checks throughout the courseware. I'm going to have to customize each one, but would love to be able to instead just select it as an option. Cheers

Ken Hirsohn

Thanks @ashley and @crystal and @marcia.  NOTE - this is for Quizmaker.  

To be 100% clear, i do understand that i can go slide by slide to add feedback - this is not scale-able for the hundreds of questions we want to create.  Many training organizations who educate their customers are moving away from high-stakes certifications that are expensive and unwieldy.  We need tools to build and manage question banks and exams that automate our processes.  I have done my best to create a feature request to represent thist.

Caribbean  Academy

Hi hi, Charissa here from Caribbean Academy.  I experienced a similar problem and was trying to find a work around. IF someone found a way, please share.

I'm sharing an example of workaround in the interim that can be used. 

I edited the master slide so the incorrect layer would show up on in the corner instead of the middle of the screen. Then removed dim. Also, I added a trigger so that the state of the correct answer changes colour when the link is clicked.


Caribbean  Academy

Hey Joe,

I wanted persons who selected the wrong answer to see the correct answer immediately. So I created a link so when persons click on it they will see the correct answer, highlighted in black. 

I've updated the file because I thought the background a bit too dark. 

In the Master Slide I just selected no transparency for the incorrect layer only so you can see the correct answer better. 

Just wanted to share my workaround here with the community.