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Andy Banga

Hi Bill,

Good day!

I see that you’re having an issue with the rollover effect of hyperlink texts that spans multiple lines.

As I’ve tested, I’m able to replicate the issue when the multi-line hyperlink texts are in bulleted form. When the mouse hovers over the hyperlink, the hover effect breaks into individual lines. 

Upon searching in the community, I’ve found out that this issue has already been raised and addressed before. As mentioned by their team, the issue had been fixed in an earlier version of Storyline 360 but made its way back into recent versions. More information can be seen in the thread below:


The good thing is knowing that their team is already working on the issue. The safe bet here is to wait for the fix on future releases. But if you’re interested, I’ve created a workaround to closely mimic the hover effect. As a quick overview, here are things that I’ve done.

  1. Added a transparent rectangular shape object that covers the hyperlink text. 
  2. Created a Hover state for the Rectangle. Set its transparency to 60% and change the color to match the hyperlink text. For accurate results, I would highly recommend the use of Eyedropper in the color selection.
  3. Added a trigger event to open the intended URL from hyperlink when Rectangle is clicked. 

For reference, please see the attached Storyline file. I hope you find this information useful.