Images in markers with zoom function keep changing in preview mode in Storyline 360

When I'm working in edit mode, everything looks and works perfectly, but when I preview the slide, the images in the markers change. I've deleted and re-added the images and saved the story file, I've installed the latest updates to Storyline 360, I've restarted the program, and I've restarted my computer. Please help!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Laurie. We are seeing some odd behavior when you duplicate markers with images that include the zoom function. If that sounds like your setup, can you try recreating the markers that are misbehaving? Creating a new marker and formatting them from scratch seems to be a workaround for now.

If that doesn't work, we're happy to have a closer look at your file here.

Laurie Strauss

Hi, Crystal. Thanks for your response and workaround. I recreated one marker from scratch, used my format painter from an existing marker, copied and pasted that new marker with my settings before inserting media, then added the new images with the zoom. I encountered the same problem. This means I'll need to create a new marker from scratch for every image I want to use zoom for. Obviously, this is a much more time-consuming method of creating markers when you work with a lot of them with images that have zoom, like I do. That stated, I'd be grateful if you'd update this thread if/when there's a solution. 

Thanks for your help!