Introducing the Invisible "Ghost" Assessment and how to create it.

I wrote about this concept a while back in another thread, but as it turns out, I have recently discovered a slightly different use for "invisible assessments" and felt it deserved a fresh discussion.  Link to old discussion

The NEW Scenario: I was asked by a colleague if StoryLine could be used to publish a short and basic Video (called a Knowledge Nugget internally) on our LMS and only give credit for completion if the user watched most/all of the video.

The Solution: The course shell I created launches the video and at certain points in the video timeline, toggles corresponding "Viewed" variables from False to True. At the end of the video, the users passes through an assessment without seeing it and the variables change the state of the correct assessment responses to "Selected" if the variable value is = to True. Otherwise, it changes the incorrect assessment responses to selected and the user fails the course.  The net result is that if the user watches the full video, they get credit. I've attached the very simple proof of concept that I created to demo to my colleague that this could be done.  In the actual course, the user does not see the result slide either but instead sees a "Thank You" if they watched the whole video or a "you watched less than xx% of the video" slide if they skipped forward. 

Feel free to post other ideas and uses for "ghost assessments". I always love your creativity.

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Used this concept as well for a course with multiple paths and questions at the end of each. The user only need complete the assessment at the end of any path and it controls the answers of a ghost master assessment. The master works with the LMS. The use of the ghost makes every quiz a valid option to be reported to the LMS.