Creating "Partial Credit" Options in a StoryLine Quiz

Jun 26, 2014

Michelle Hubchen asked me if it is possible to create a multiple choice question in StoryLine where each answer provides a different value and she provided me with the following example:

What is the color of the sky?

Blue - 100%

light blue - 75%

grey - 50%

My initial thought was that this would be easy if Articulate would only open up access to the quiz variables. But since they haven't.... well.... I wasn't ready to just give up. So here is my "maybe less than elegant" solution.

Use a regular slide to pose your question and create a control variable that is used to pass the user quickly (and without their knowledge) through a series of T/F questions, allowing StoryLine to select the answer for them on each question based on the control variable. With everything set to be "at timeline start, the user only sees the question, and the results page.

For the scenario above, I used 3 T/F questions with the first one having a 10 point value and the other 2 5-points each. 

Selecting BLUE causes a user to pass through all 3 slides and accumulate 100 %. 
If they choose light blue, they pass through only the first 2 questions and only receive 75 %

and if they choose grey, they pass through 1 question and get 50%.

Essentially, StoryLine is taking a quiz for them in the background based on their selection on a slide. 

Kind of klunky, but it was the best solution I could create without having direct access to the quiz variables (I really wish Articulate would open these up)

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Walter Coolman said:

Thanks for sharing Owen. That is very interesting. I don't have much need for partial credit scores per se, but I think this strategy could be used for other things, too. I'm just trying to think what some of the other possibilities might be. Great work.

One application I can think of would be to turn a  branching scenario into an assessment by assigning a score value to each path. The real interesting thing in my solution (to me anyway) is that you can direct StoryLine to take and complete a quiz in a specific way in the background. 

I also think this could be used as a solution to create a background "master assessment" used by the LMS in those situations where one person might test out of a course with a short quiz, but someone else has to take a full assessment. You can use "invisible quiz slides to even things up.

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