Quiz Question Slide Trigger Override Issue

Jul 24, 2017

Hello - I am using a UD variable to track score in a SL 360. I know this issue has been raised and I have read a number of articles on it however none of the given work-arounds will work in my case (namely I cannot use Javascript). My ultimate goal is sending the total value of accrued points in my UD variable into Results.ScorePoints. 


That being said, here is my work around and my issue:

After the user collects XX number points in my UD variable, they are directed to one of 16 T/F quiz questions whose points value = XX number of points. The thought being that they have accrued 50 points, they are directed to the 50 point T/F question, the points are submitted to Results.Scorepoints. 


This worked swell until I tried to make the T/F submit automatically without the user noticing. Each T/F question has 3 triggers associated with it : 


1) Change state of Radio Button "True" to Selected (when timeline Starts)

2) Submit interaction T/F (when timeline Starts)

3) Jump to Results Slide (when timeline Starts)


What I think should happen, is each user should only visit the individual T/F question with the correct amount of points based on the UD Variable, and then they are directed to the Results slide. What is actually happening : users are directed to the correct T/F slide, and then Storyline cycles through each T/F question (adding up all points for each slide) before sending to the results slide. 


Why is Storyline going to the next available quiz question (even though it is not linked/triggered) and not going to the identified Results slide. I think this could be resolved with using the correct trigger in the correct manner however this seems right to me and I can't imagine a different way to organize it without having the user click anything.


I'm attaching the project for you to see what I mean.


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