Is there a fix for Play Button and black screen appearing for published Storyline files in Rise or anywhere else?

We have Storyline files embedded in our Rise file that on Preview in Rise auto-play perfectly, but once published, they have the famous big play button and black background that you see in Articulate Review, etc.  I saw a discussion from 2 years ago that this was because Chrome, Edge and others blocked auto play for media.  We would like the Storyline files to auto-play vs. having the big play button.  Is there a fix?  We have the latest version of Storyline 360.  Please advise.


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Tom Kuhlmann

The browser generates the play button because there's a media file on the first slide which requires the user to activate the media. Auto playing media on mobile is generally delegated to the user. 

Some people get around the play button by create a first slide with no media that auto advances to the slide with media. 

Math Notermans

@TomKuhlmann Just tried your workaround with a Storyline block in a Rise course on mobile on CanvasLMS, but still getting the 'Big Bad Black Screen of Play'. Canvas player for mobile refuses to play any Rise course, so thats no good anyway...but thats Instructures choice, guess they block Javascript. When using a mobile browser the Rise course plays normally...but the Storyline has the 'Big Bad Black Screen of Play'