Issues Importing Vidyard Embed Code into Storyline 360

I have seen an article in the community regarding importing the Vidyard video embed code into Storyline 360 by hacking it to make it work, but is there currently a way to import a Web video from Vidyard without having to hack or otherwise alter code?

As is, it throws the "A video cannot be inserted from this embed code" error when I attempt that.

Thanks for any help.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Nick,

Thanks for letting us know what you're working on. I'm not familiar with Vidyard, but I did a bit of searching as well.

I was able to track down this conversation where users were getting this to successfully work. I was also able to find some sample code to test with here. I was able to get the content to work as a web object and using the iFrame embed code. My sample file is attached.

I look forward to hearing from others using this platform.