Jaws reads OST content repeatedly

Jul 14, 2022

I'm using Storyline version3.65.28121.0 and JAWS version 2021.2012.57 JAWS reads base layer content every time with layer content. For example in the swap screen Jaws reads OST content for every swap. Ideally, the screen reader's focus should be on layer content and not on the base layer content. Request you to please suggest a solution.

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Suhas.

Thank you for sharing your .story file!

I noticed you are using the same on-screen text on each one of your layers. You also set up the properties of each layer not to hide the other ones:

If multiple layers show simultaneously, the screen reader will read their content.

You mentioned that the text on the base layer is being read twice, but I didn't see any text on your base layer. When the timeline starts, it immediately shows the layer Swap. Is that what you mean by the base layer?

My recommendation would be to separate those layers into slides. It will give you a lot more control for accessibility with the design you have in mind. 


suhas more

Thanks for the feedback

We created 2 scenarios in the attached file for testing purposes. In slide 1.1, OST is repeated on each layer, and on slide 1.2, it’s on the base layer.

we created customized navigation buttons on the master hence we cannot hide other slide layers. If we do so, all navigation button hides when published. Please provide a solution that does not involve hide other layer options.

Thanks for the suggestion we will try to separate layers into slides and let you know our observation.

Jose Tansengco

Hello Suhas, 

As what my colleague Maria mentioned, objects on other layers will continue to be read by screen readers for as long as they are visible on screen. 

If you need an alternative solution to separating your content into slides, have you considered using lightboxes to display your content? 

This solution will still include separate slides, but now your learners will not be navigated away from the client slide when viewing the content, and the screen readers will no longer read any content on other slides/layers.