Keep people from moving to the next slide - must review all tabs

Nov 04, 2021

I have a very simple slide that i downloaded. It includes tabs. I thought about it after i worked on everything to make it where all of the tabs had to be reviewed before going on to the next slide, but nothing i've done seems to work. 


I want all 5 tabs to to be read/reviewed before moving on. When then tab is clicked, information appears. I've attached a screenshot of the current triggers (not the ones where i tried to add markers).

Any suggestions?

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Walt Hamilton

Be aware that you may have problems if YOU change the state to Visited. The built-in states (like Visited) have their own superpowers that automatically perform the correct function. So when your learner clicks an object with a Visited state, the object is automatically changed to the Visited state. If you create a trigger to duplicate that function, sometimes the system takes offense, and the results can be unpredictable, but seldom desirable.

There is a sample that may help you in this discussion:

It shows layers when hovering, instead of clicking, but that can be easily changed. Because the learner doesn't actually click the objects, I couldn't use the Visited state, so I used the custom state Viewed.