Variables with conditions

Oct 25, 2021

I'm hoping someone out there can help me with this one!

I want the user to hover over 4 items before being able to go to the next page.

Whatever I did is not working.  What is the simplest way to do this?


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Jackie Ha

I tried to come up with a solution for hover, but it seems to require too many triggers.

What you can do is have one trigger that changes the state of the Next button to Disabled when the timeline starts on the slide. And then have another trigger that changes the state of the Next button to Normal when the state of all of your items is Visited. Instead of just hover, the user will have to click on each item, but this should work.

Michael Gallagher

Here's a sample of how to do it. You insert a shape (smiley face) and set it's state to "Hidden". Then you add a trigger to change it's state to normal when the user hovers over the button. You do this for each button that the user hovers over. You add a trigger that says change the state of the NEXT button to normal when the state of (ALL) smiley faces are normal.



Perri Gerber

This is all very helpful and got everything working according to Walt's triggers, but im stuck on getting it to go to the next slide.  I disabled the next button when timeline begins, but now i'm struggling: I added change state of the next button to normal when all 4 states are visit (when timeline begins?) but it wont go to the next slide.   

Jackie Ha

Are you using the Continue button that is included with Walt's example? If so, then the trigger you need to create is "Jump to slide next slide when the user clicks Text Box 1" (Text Box 1 may be named something else if you renamed it).
Otherwise, you will need a trigger that looks something like this: