Layer is hiding objects on base layer - even when I don't want to

Mar 13, 2018


I started my first new project after updating Storyline and I noticed that there is something wrong with slide layers and slide layer properties. I want layer(s) not to hide objects on base layer. So I went to Slide Layer Properties and un-selected "Hide objects on base layer" from Visibility settings, see the screenshot below. Text continues after picture...

  Screenshot: Layer Settings

 After doing this, I went to Preview this slide and for some reason this layer is still hiding the base layer. What should I do? I haven't had this problem before when changing Slide Layer Visibility settings. Thanks for your help! :)

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Tricia Ransom

Hi Heather, I think I know what is going on here. (and I only got 1 slide in the download).

  1. I clicked on the Untitled Layer 1 which was blank.
  2. Then I right-clicked on the slide which, as you know, was blank.
  3. I selected Format Background.
  4. Make sure the Fill tab is active.
  5. Select the top option No fill.


Sarah Berry

OMG you just solved my problem. Can I also say this is the dumbest default feature in Storyline? Why have an option to show objects on the base layer when the freaking default backround is automatically hiding them, AND there's no indication that there's a background color fill hiding them? Sheesh.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Sarah!

When you create a new layer, the default behavior should be to show the objects on the base layer. You would have to open the Slide Layer Properties and enable the setting to hide the objects on a base layer.

If this isn't working correctly in your Storyline file, try opening a new blank file. Add a slide with a few objects, then add a layer. Is the layer automatically set to hide the objects on the base layer?

John Morley


Thanks so much. I have wasted way too much time trying to figure this out on my own.

Alyssa -- Although this may not be a "default," I have no idea how it started to happen in my project. I have never used a layer to hide a base; and if I wanted to, it would have been by using the regular Slide Layer Properties dialog box.

This is a nasty trap that should not exist; or at least have some sort of an override so that it can be corrected from the Slide Layer Properties dialog box.

Marti Jordan

Tricia, you are my favorite person in the universe right now.  And two years after your post!!!  I agree with all below.  I wasted a lot of time trying to figure this out, had to duplicate objects over the last month to get my layers to show, and the stress.  Now fixed when I asked the right question and saw this.  OMG.  When taking basic training, this should be pointed out, and FIXED as a default. 

Donabel Beltran-Harms

Thank you, Tricia for your solution. 4 months after, it's still happening! The first few times I ran this (about a week of working the same project), the layering was happening as I thought it would -- with the base layer still visible despite the other layers appearing on top.  Then all of a sudden, this hitch occurred. I spent an entire work day redoing my affected slides, but I don't have to do that anymore, yay!