Layer not staying on screen and automatically advancing to next slide

Mar 15, 2018


I have an issue with a course I am working on. I have a standard text entry slide that I have made a custom feedback layer. My submit button is also custom. The only triggers I have on my submit button is to submit the essay and show answer layer. However when I test the scene and I submit the interaction, the answer layer flashes and then automatically advances to the next slide. 

I've checked everything, my triggers, timeline says show till end on both base layer and Answer layer but it keeps on doing this... Can somebody please help?


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Louise Falcon

Hi Avi,

I'd like to help you with this layers and trigger not showing correctly. Can you share the Storyline file with me so I can take a look at it?

Have you checked the answer layer's timeline? You can try to change the answer layer's timeline marker if it ends sooner.

Feel free to send the file so I can help you take a look at it.

Louise Falcon

Hi Avi,

I just checked the file and great news! It's fully working from my end. I am also using the same version as yours, Articulate Storyline 360 and the slide only advances Next whenever I click the next buttons for Activities 14, 15 and 16.

I tried guessing the answers to your essay questions and then the answer layer appears, tand there it was, waiting for me to click Next. Then, slides only move forward after I clicked the triangular blue next button.

This seems to be a bug. To attempt fixing it, just save your changes and try to re-launch your Articulate360 to open your Emitters_Mod3_v4.story

Please help the Articulate Team track and resolve bugs such as these my filling out this form.

Let me know if the save change then relaunching worked. Otherwise, send a reply in this discussion.

avi sehmbi

Did you test the slide or the scene? Because I have tried on 3 different computers including my own laptop which has a newer version and it is still doing the same thing. 

I definitely think its a bug. I think I am going to just create another slide instead of a layer as a work around.

Thank you so much for looking into it for me.

Andria Shooter

Hi - this is describing, almost exactly, a challenge I am having right now. Oddly, sometimes it runs fine when previewing Scene rather than Slide, but this isn't consistent.  And the "quick skip" to the next slide is always happening in Review.  The features of my course mirror all of the details of Avi's except that mine are drag-and-drop slides rather than text entry.  And I have two layers (correct and incorrect) set up according to outcome.  Both are behaving the same: flash appearance and skip to next slide.  (Slide Advances by User, Hide Slide Layer when Timeline Finishes is unchecked, only triggers to advance to next slide are the Continue buttons within the two slide layers.)

Has there been any further findings on this particular case, or should I go ahead send along the file (if someone's willing to have a look)?

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Andria,

It looks like Avi may have worked directly with another community member and did not reach out to our support team to share the file, so I do not have any additional information to share with you here.

We'd be happy to take a look and help you with your file. With your permission, please share your project file so we can investigate what's happening. You can share it publicly here, or send it to me privately by uploading it here. I'll delete it when I'm done troubleshooting.

Sue Ashby

Is there a resolution to this issue?  It has just started to happen for me. I have created a slide with text entry (essay question) and a 'feedback layer,' showing possible responses for the learner to compare to, that shows when they click a custom Submit button.  The triggers I have set on the custom submit button are 1) submit TextEntry and 2)show layer 'Feedback'.  I have also set the TextEntry to be required (i.e. the learner cannot skip it).  When I review the slide in SL360, if I do not enter text in the TextEntry field, I get an error saying I must complete it before advancing and the layer 'Feedback' does not display.  This is good and is what I expected. However, when I do enter text in the TextEntry field, and click the custom Submit button, the layer 'Feedback' displays but the slide immediately advances to the next one. 

If this has not already been resolved, I can upload the file I am working on for further troubleshooting.  


Walt Hamilton

The Submit process has some hidden, built-in triggers. One of them shows the appropriate Correct or Incorrect feedback layer. I understand you want to use your own custom feedback layer, so you did not include the built-in ones. In the event that there are no feedback layers, another built-in trigger jumps to the next slide, after recording the result, and that's what is causing your problem.

If you want to record the result, you must keep the submit trigger.

In the attached sample, I have moved the Submit trigger from the base, and put it on the feedback layer. That solves the first problem, but causes another. Now there is no message if the question is not answered. so I had to build a custom layer for that.

Sue Ashby

Thank you for looking at this.  Although I have a work around (see below) I will take a look at what you've done and see if that works better than mine!  

I have found a work-around, although have not solved the actual problem.  Instead of using an Essay Graded Question, I inserted a Data Entry (text) field instead. I simulated the 'User must answer' condition that is on Graded Questions, by adding another layer that shows a prompt to "Enter your answer and click submit" if the variable TextEntry = blank.  The slide now acts as I want - if the user does not answer, they get a prompt to enter their response and click Submit. When they do that, the Feedback layer is displayed, showing the correct answer and stays on the screen until the learner click Continue to proceed to the next slide.  Fortunately, it is not critical for me to use a graded question here.