Lightbox Close button is messed up.

Feb 06, 2020

I use the lightbox feature to display help throughout my modules. I just noticed this morning that the "Close" button is messed up--the "X" has moved to the bottom of the red circle. Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a fix for this? I have attached a print screen so you can see what is happening with the button.

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Katie Riggio

Good morning, Dawn!

It looks like the attachment didn't come through to the forums. Could I have you click here to open our discussion and then use the Add Attachment button in a new reply? Also, are you comfortable with sharing the .story file for troubleshooting? (If there is private material, you can use this link to upload the course.)

I'm happy to take a closer look at the close button, and look forward to working with you!

Dawn Chamberlin

Thanks Katie. I have added two attachments: one is a print screen showing the issue with the Close button and a sample SL file so you can see it in real time. Run the file for the entire project and click the question mark icon located in the lower right of the screen to open the lightbox.

Katie Riggio

Hi, Dawn. Thank you for those extra pieces!

I also see the misplaced X during preview and in the published output. Oddly, this is only happening in the Classic player and I'm unable to recreate the problem in a new file. So sorry about this!

I don't see anything in your design that would cause this, so I'd like to get a second opinion from our Engineers. Our team will reach out to you by email shortly with the next steps.

I'll follow the conversation, as I'm also curious to find the culprit!

Dawn Chamberlin

It is interesting, because this has not been an issue before. The Exit button always looked fine. Another not so annoying thing I noticed is that the player links (menu, resources, help) are also pushing up toward the top edge of the player. Again, this has never been an issue before and we have been using this player layout for a number of years now.

Shiva Rangan

I am facing the same issue with lightbox close button. The 'X' is moved to the bottom of the close button. @Dawn Chamberlin Can you tell me how did you overcome this issue?

Anyone else who had faced a similar and can help with the solution? I have attached the picture for reference.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Shiva!

So sorry this is affecting your courses!  With Dawn's help, our Support Engineers have logged this as a possible software bug. From here, our team will determine when this fix will make it on our roadmap. Our current workaround is to set the Player font to a smaller size or just use the default 100% size.

We'll keep you updated in this discussion!

Trish Chin

Hi Everyone,

I too have encountered this issue, and it seems to happen when you use the Classic player in combination with zooming the Player font size. See example images attached.

We zoom the player font size as we've adjusted our story size for greater resolution.

We are wanting to lightbox course navigation in a player link, so using the slide layer option is not practical in this case.

Is there any resolution for altering this behaviour?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Trish,

You are correct.  The issue with the red x button (close button) of a lightbox is misplaced when both of these are true:

  1. the player font size is 110% or greater
  2. using the Classic Player

This is still an open issue with our team. In the meantime, our workarounds are to:

  • Set the Player font to a smaller size or use the default 100% size
  • Use the Modern Player