LMS not properly tracking quiz score

Jul 28, 2021

Hi all,

I published a course recently that has a final exam of 10 questions drawn from a 30-question bank. We seem to be having problems where, if the user takes the quiz and fails it the first time, then takes the quiz again and passes, the later score is not making it to the LMS. 

Obviously it could be an LMS problem and we're looking into that, but I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts. 

People will take the quiz and get, say, a 50% (failing). They retake the quiz and see the score of  80% (passing) on their screen once they've passed the quiz, but the score doesn't get passed to the LMS. Only the first one does.

I have not used a question bank in the past so I thought maybe that was the issue. I also saw I didn't have the checkbox "only score viewed questions" checked. Could that be the issue? But if so, why would it show the passing score on the screen but not pass that back to the LMS?

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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